Jonny's Sunday Million Review - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Usually it would be "a little review", but assuming Jonathan has had enough of us making fun of his name, he has tackled this by cramming not one, not two, but four Sunday Million hand history reviews into this two-part series for our benefit.


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Comments (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part to the most recent Sunday Million from JonathanLittle!

    Part one:

    Thoughts & feedback?
  • nineshine


    Great video Jonathan. That last hand sucked.
  • Spitzbuben


    you seem to be lolbad for a pro at the game called poker. or is that deceit us
  • Spitzbuben


    *trying to
  • Lasso


    nice vid
  • mrFog


    I find your videos always very nice and usefull, but really think this is the worst of them all.

    I understand you're not always playing your A-game, but i don't see the point of showing a B-game.
  • mrFog


    Also would like to see you going more in to talking about betsizings postflop :)
  • bashpepe89


    think it's honest and enlightening to not only show his best play, as long as he explains what and why sth is wrong.

    pretty much the same as showing a user review and explaining common mistakes.
  • jackboy2011


    question about the hand at 39:15. isn't that shove from the real short stack a call with 10,3o? cause of the pot odds we need just 26.9% equity against his hand.and i think he's shoving so extremly wide that we have a call here. even if he has AKs we have the right equity.
  • HariRadovan


    I agree with jackyboy, getting 2.7:1 this is a clear call. There were also some other plays I didn't like, for example (min 38:00) openraising K9o from middle position without even a small blind in the pot.
    On the other side there were also some nice plays like getting away from QQ preflop vs a RR and a 4-bet.
  • kochpat


    Why are you not betting the turn at min 30:28? You can value bet against weak pairs and draws. By c/c you do not get any information. If you bet and he raises you can probably get away from this hand.
  • AssadKamran91


    are you rly defending your 68o shove with 20ish bb?
  • elpsycho


    Hi Jonathan,
    I have a question about AK hand @37:55. Wouldn't it be better to push here?
    We are playing against M9 stack and after a push he will continue with wider range than after a 3bet.
  • JonathanLittle


    Jackboy and Hari, even though I am getting excellent odds with the T3, I think it is still a fold because a call will decently diminish my fold equity and if I win, I dont gain too much. If I had more chips, I would call. I am usually not a fan of avoiding slightly +EV spots based on my chip stack but this is one of those situations.

    Kochpat, on the turn, I expect my opponent to fold most worse hands and call all better hands. Obviously there are a ton of draws out but I think bluff catching is probably the best play in this spot. Also, if you think about a standard preflop calling range, it is going to be tough for him to have much better than Ax in this spot, meaning he is probably drawing thin.

    Assad, no. Sometimes I dont play well. I try to keep that to a minimum.

    Elps, I prefer a standard 3bet here because you want to be able to fold your random bluffs if the large stack behind you shoves. Obviously I am not bluffing here too often but my opponent may not know that. It is good to give your opponent some room to mess up.