Freebie: Let's Go Turbo! - Part 2

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The DonBartos Freebie launches part two of the "Let's go Turbo" series, focusing on a theory presentation of how to best approach Turbo tournaments. The Don gives advice on Types of Turbo to play, where best to find an adequate player pool to suit ones needs and various other factors which should be taken into consideration when grinding turbos!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the freebie with DonBartos!

    You can leave your thoughts & comments here or in the Feedback thread in the Strategy section of the Sit & Go forum:

    Alternatively, for more Freebies - see the overview thread:
  • sirilidion


    why no ante up by speed?
  • LX4DR


    ... pfff u are bored... we are bored .... this is boring!!
  • FLINTY86


    wait for part 2, but again about nothing.(((((...
  • madein1984


    I really don't know what the objective of this video is... you start giving basic information about sites, make basic assumptions about different formats and give strategic advice in a way that might be missunderstood very easily. In addition, you really should work on your rhetorical skills.
  • MyLady17


  • sirilidion


    asuming that turbo's have higher hourly just because they are shorter pace isn't correct. With non turbo's do take longer but you also play deeper stacks longer then with turbo's thus you should have an higher edge in non turbo's. Which presumably lead to getting deeper in these more often then turbo's and considering the money in won in these at the final table that could lead to a higher winrate even if you can play more turbo's in the same time.
  • DonBartos


    There run many more turbos than nonturbos nowadays. You can still make 100%+ roi in lower stakes turbos and if you assume you can play about 4-5 times as many games an hour as nonturbos your nonturbo roi has to be insanely high. I do agree that nonturbos are great value when added to your grind, but grinding them fulltime doesnt seem optimal to me.
  • zabak66


    obv English not your first language and you seemed a little unsure what to talk about. Don't wanna hate, but I didn't really learn anything... maybe next time will be better, some live hands/ sessions please :]
  • DonBartos


    @10, thanks for the feedback. Part 3 will be a review and hopefully you will learn from that one :)