Studying Poker: Heads-up Small Blind Play - Part 3

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Byron continues his "Studying Poker" series with the third and final in a line of theory-type presentations, on Small Blind Play in Heads-up Sit & Goes. Stay tuned for more top-notch theory from Byron. Showcasing the latest production from ByronJacobs, looking at Sit & Go Small Blind play, observing from the point of view of the short-stack, we see the habits ideally formed to ensure our quality of play is uncompromised when facing a shove or fold situation.


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Comments (10)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final part in the miniseries from Byron, focusing on Small-blind play.

    Don't forget to leave your thoughts & feedback for the coach!
  • Jim9137


    Byrooooonnnnn! <3
  • Falco35


    If you calculate Equities with "enumerate" than "Monte Carlo" Equilab will be much more faster
  • Anonym92


    great video!
  • itSmIn3z


    good series!
  • pceetje


    Very nice video!

    Would it be possible to make a video where you show how you use this strategy? I'm mostly interested in how you will play postflop because i'm afraid that u will also get in a lot of tricky situations when he's villain is flatcalling
  • ByronJacobs


    #10 Hi pceetje, Yes, such a video would be good. I'll see what I can do. You will get in some tricky situations post-flop for sure but you have some advantages: you're playing IP and you should have pretty good idea of villain's range as flatting hands will typically be with both cards in the Q-8 range, e.g. Q9, J8, T9 etc. Stronger hands ought to be shoving and weaker hands should fold. You should get a good idea of which flops it will be +EV to c-bet, regardless of whether you've actually hit them or not, e.g. A9x you c-bet 100%, QT8 you check-fold unless you hit it hard yourself.
  • YohanN7


    Hi Byron.

    Q: Is it correct to say that Villain can not counter this strategy with any pure push/fold range vs your minraise?

  • HariRadovan


    That series was REALLY good content!

    I think the trickiest thing when using the minraising-approach is to figure out how wide a range villain shoves because otherwise you either run the risk of calling villains shoves with too many hands (if villain pushes much tighter than expected) or minraise-fold too often (if villain shoves too loose; I also agree that this won't happen too often in praxis).
    So I would really like to see a video of how you adjust to different opponents in real-play.