Caught between a Rock & a Deepstack - Part 2

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In Jonathan's concept video relating to deepstacked play, we are taken through a specific selection of hands played while deepstacked, and / or particularly interesting spots that Jonathan encounters during his MTT endeavours.


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Comments (7)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the deep-stack review with JonathanLittle.

    Questions & Comments are welcomed as always!
  • JoannaSurf


    was the part 1 like 1,5 years ago?
  • YohanN7


    I don't particularly like it. Take this as constructive criticism. It's too loosely connected, and there is no theme really. Whenever the equilator or any other tool shows it's face before the flop we are not deepstacked. At least we don't play that way.
  • EuanM


    @ #2 - This video isn't a sequel to part one but has the same topic.
  • meepwn


    At 14:04 you say you would fold to a bet if a deuce comes. I think you didn't realize that it completes your straight :) Basically 2 is the best possible card to come, because if he has A5-A4-A3 or something like that, you will have the better straight and stack him.
  • zarsky


    16:20 - why not raise AK for value against presumably bad player or charge pocket pairs for set mining? I understand, there's merit in calling an UTG RAISE with AK, but the guy actually LIMPS. Or you had a read that he limps with nuts or something?
  • JonathanLittle


    Meepwn, apparently I cant read the board. You are correct.

    Zarsky, I would be fine with raising AK but when overly deepstacked, if you raise you dont want to have a few callers behind you, even with AK, which will happen from time to time. You also want to keep in random hands like A7s. I think the value of raising and limping in this spot are pretty close.