NL $25 SSS Termi8r Review IV.

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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  • mouse89


  • ClayRaver


    Good, Some nice information thank you
  • justfoldnow


    nice to learn how to use the opponent stats more effectively
  • Azofnorway


  • SooSick


    wtf why you raise 3,5xbb pre that is not good shortstacking 2-2,5xbb is the best when you can fold hands pre flopp.

    + cb 50% of the pot is must times the best sometimes even less look at good shortstackers like 40putts kinetica this guys can learn you guys to beat the game but in a bad way
  • N3mm


    any1 know if the equidity calculator xarry2 used in one of the videos has the formula "$to go" / "pot already" = EQ ?
  • xarry2


    the formula which the calculator uses is: 1/((Pot/Amount to call)+1)= Equity
    u can use it for every pot odds situation, so for calling draws, calling reraises, Flop All-Ins ect.

  • Heffron89


    Wow this serie of 4 videos are really good, should come some more for SSS bronze :)

    Thanks alot Xarry2 best coach ever.
  • Janusrichmond


    Thank you! This is the first video I watch on pokerstrategy. But it wont be the last!
  • lucanito85


    Why did you have the starting capital on the tables only 5 USD ?
    Why didnt you input 25USD as a standart buyin to this level ?
  • RavForenzo


    because it's a Short stack video, thats the point. Not big stack, so it's 20 BB starting hence the $5
  • Hrandir


    Very nice video thx m8