180 & 45-Man Sit & Go Session - Part 3a

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Braminc hits the 45 and 180-man Multi-Table Sit & Goes to demonstrate his method for tackling the various Sit & Go formats shown and continues with the review in part three. Stay tuned for the other two sections of this video, coming shortly! We hope you enjoy the Video, and don't forget to leave any thoughts or questions you may have about the video for braminc.


Live Video MTSNG PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third episode with braminc, stay tuned for the parts which will be coming very soon!

    Your thoughts & feedback about the series are welcomed as always: braminc awaits your comment!
  • Steambull


    Nice clear vid Braminc! More of this plz.
  • onmybike


    76o is a clear fold imo.
    1.people loosing up after the (first)bubble (you say that also in this vip)
    2. When we get a call and lose we lose a big edge on the field because now we have a big chiplead en we can put the pressure on every other stake without to much risk an when we lose we have something the simalar stake as a lot of other guys on the table.
    3. When we fold there is a huge change that 1 of the 3 guys behind us wil colapse.
    4. you did not do the pay out right in SiG wizard i think ;) i see 50,30,20.
    5. ofcourse image, when we fold this crap we get more respect later.
    i prefer to shove here around 40-50% (i think nash wil do 60% but because of the reasons above it will be a little bit tighter.)
  • onmybike


    I like the subject. Imo this video has in comparison with the other vids that you make way more valeu. Imo next time make 7 vids of the final table in stead of al the basic early stuff because we can also look to MTT vids to see how that works.

    lets bring more 45 mans final table stuf!! ;)
  • braminc


    Yikes, I did leave it on 50,30,20. Whoops! Funny thing is the next hand i analyze i even joke about how many times ive done that!! Hah!

    The good news is the analysis won't change as much as usual since we are so much deeper than the small stacks behind us and therefore our bubble factor will be quite low. However, I certainly don't disagree with your thoughts on the hand. Folding could certainly be better, i still think it's close.

    Thanks for the feedback! More final tables sounds like a good idea. Im doing ICM analysis now on final table of the One Drop ;)
  • chaparrito77


    Now thats a top heavy structure ;) huge BF
  • YohanN7


    There is nothing wrong except that 14 minutes of push/fold using tools doesn't really make a gold video.

  • braminc


    I understand what youre saying Yohan. We are experimenting with different lengths of videos and determining how to adjust for the future. I think for the future we will keep the 15m videos for powerpoint theory type videos and try to keep the liveplay/review stuff a bit longer or even full length. I don't personally have say for what level each video becomes, but I can tell you we're always trying to make things better and more viewer friendly and your input is appreciated!
  • OZSA


    you should go over the hands in HEM instead of the recorded video, its a bit faster. but I like the series, gj
  • elpsycho


    about that 76o hand...

    Changing the structure does change things quite a bit and it is really close.
    Here's a screenshot from wizard:

    But again we can change our edge% and make it different from 0.1.

    Question 1: When wizard tells us not to push because of default min edge, do you make it smaller? Or vice versa if a push has a negative diff% and wizard sets a negative edge that allows us to push, do you skip those pushes or not?

    Question 2: If wizard would set our default edge a little bigger than our diff% in this hand, would we still push hands like 76o if we thought that that's a good push after changing out min edge a bit. Our should we lean towards a fold? Because if we decrease our min edge then there will be hands like 74o and J3o in our suggested range.