Heads up Analysis with Spekbasu

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  • $1000
  • Heads-up
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Insyder19 presents an No-Limit $1k review featuring a heads-up session played against "SpeckBasu". The session features a heads-up game of three tables where justification and analysis are given by Insyder.


heads-up PokerStars Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the heads-up play with Insyder, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome!
  • bobbylux


    freebie or diamond+ ??
    if diamond+ something wrong.
    can watch the whole video.
  • bobbylux


    too fast....video stops at 4:16 but fully loads.
  • gsop182


    diamond video for everyone...nice :)
  • myCQRE


    Sorry I dont get the hand KTs Hand oop @ 49:22! I mean, did you call on the river 4 information or for the vid? you had the (absolute) nuts on the river with just calling?! :) if you dont like hes 3th barrel you should exploit it? explain it pls
  • packersfan


    what a treat it was watching this :)
  • IronPumper


    and again free diamondcontent and another reason that all diamondmembers are feeling like gettting fucked hard in their fat asses from this site - lol.

    Having here the highest VIP-status is worth NOTHING!!!

  • 6Scan


    haha nice, always free 4 everyone.... keep going it like that! :)

    ps: my rake goes completly to stars...
  • IronPumper


    have I got this right, that you think when someone is minraising btns, you should defend OOP like 70%?
    why so?
    I mean, when someone is minraising, than he needs 57% FEQ to autoprofit, so you should fold less than 57% and defend at least 43%.Depending on the opponent and your reads, of course you can defend much more.
    But why instantly 70% while being OOP vs a potential tough reg?
    I am a 6max-reg, (though I discuss sometimes with some buddies who are hu-regs bout hu-play) so mb I am off here - but it seems not so to me when I think about it - maybe you prove me wrong.
  • IronPumper


    10:00 - 44
    do not like too much the C/C OTF given that almost any holding from his range has already at the very least 40% EQ vs you.
    depending on the villain I would either C/F or prefer a C/R.
  • Nivlem


    Hi guys!

    Something seems to have gone wrong with the release of the video which caused it to show up as global and allowing everyone to watch it.

    The video is now set back to Diamond, like it was intended. Future parts will also be released with Diamond status.
  • Falco35


    min 9:00 right table
    I think his Turnbarrel is fine for freeSD and for balancing and making his barrelrange not to obv.
  • BReWs7aR


    At the start of the session I would more probably like it to flat the 3bet with the tens on the lower left table. The reasons are obvious in my opinion, he will shove anything but the strongest party of his range without reads etc.
  • FingerTilt


    Hi Insyder, nice to see another video in English from you. Keep the good work!

    @ min 32:15 on table 1: I like your read and your explanation about composition of his value/bluff range when raising your cb.
    However, can you elaborate what do you consider in order to decide between ch/calling or ch/shoving Turn? If he is not going broke with many draws on Turn, and he has a range more inclined towards bluffs, wouldn´t be better to ch/call there?

  • insyder19


    Hey guys and sorry for the delayed answers to your comments :)


    We dont have the nuts :) Flushboard already on the flop, dont think I can raise there for value also because I get jammed by bluffs sometimes and get called by better only.


    70 was a rough number of what you should be playing OOP, of course it depends on how good someone is, the more you have an edge vs someone postflop the more you should be calling. We have seen in the vid that villain folds a lot to c/r on the flop, therefore defending even 80% is probably ok. When I say 70% I also incl the 3bet hands in there.


    I agree with that now, I probably had to figure out how much he barrels on such boards to have a read for future play


    It really depends on how much I call the flop with A high which would be every time I have AT; AJ type of hands. But then I have lots of straight draws and call with 9x one more, so I agree on what you are saying now :)


    The less draws there are, the more we call the turn. Here on this turn with 2 flushdraws and bunch of gutshots, we want to protect our hand as well. I am pretty sure if he has a draw here he is b/c all day so we get it in good. The more I think he is full of it on flop/turn, c/c c/c is best.
  • elpsycho


    Hey insyder,
    I have a question about 3-bet pot hand @27:00 with 47s. If the river was a blank, would we check back or still push after his check?