Raising Limps with Mr Little

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Jonathan goes over some tournament hand history to showcase & discuss the concept of raising limpers.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video with Jonathan, he awaits your thoughts and comments for the video!
  • t7777777


    The 4 min video is black screen only sound.
  • lmr1983


    here plays it fine. its most likely to be black, cuz ur without the recommended silver status
  • Zolotarsp


    Hey, Jonathan, thanks for another great video!

    You say you don't recomend limping at all. But at low-stakes tourneys people don't raise a lot, so whenever table is 100bbs deep or more, limping early positions with hands like 33 or 97s is better than raising and playing huge 4-way pot oop, don't you think? And it's also better than fold considering you may get paid pretty often by 2nd pair or smth like that.
  • Talent2


    Thx for the interesting video!
    Min 17: If you got some sort of read on your opponent, that he likes to bet in these kinda situations ip if you would have check to him, isn`t c/p a great line to take, to obv induce bluffs and probably getting it in against the same range that would have called your overbetjam??
    Keep it up! :)
  • Erikk17


    Great video. From what kind of turnaments is taken this vid? ( im not sure if you mention it.)
    What do y think about limp behind in push fold with like TT-88 from CO-BU 12-15bb
    with agresive players on blinds. If you know that BB will "sqeez" it with like 20%-22% of his range and SB 14-16%. against his AA-TT you get in any way so thanks to it you will get in lots of hand you get crushed or in worst case flipping.
  • elpsycho


    Hi Jonathan!
    @32:20 We are making a big raise with J9s, but there are 3 shortstacks behind us. So should we take into conideration that they can often go all-in and maybe not play our J9s. What is our plan if we get a push from CO, BU or SB?
  • leandroLP


    Great vid.... some moves I do sometimes, some I don't; I'll take somethings in consideration.

    I didn't like the raise with J9 hearts, I not sure why, but I liked the outcome... Very great analisis.

    A2,,, I would fold PF, cause it's a standard play I do... I had raisen the limper before, so this time, I think I could give him a massage in his ego giving him a free play...
    Maybe I could observe his outcome against the blinds.... and do some anottation....
    but... here's just a donk opinion

    nice hands
  • JonathanLittle


    Zolo, when deepstacked, it is never bad to start building a pot and taking control of the pot with a raise. I suppose if you know you can see a limped pot multiway and will also have no problem getting in very deep stacks if you flop the nuts, limping is better. You will generally find it hard to get all in for 100bbs or so with a set if the pot only has 5bbs in it on the flop unless your opponent gets set up.

    Talent, I dont hate a check push but you cant be for sure your opponent will bet. If he checks it back and the turn is anything besides an A or Q, I cant really be too happy taking my hand to showdown because my opponent will probably only continue if he has something. I think betting allows you to be in an easier spot whereas checking will cause you to make mistakes sometimes.

    Erikk, as long as your opponents will blindly squeeze behind you, I love flatting with a decent amount of value hands, although I tend to do it with premium hands. With hands like 88, you are usually better off pushing in order to lock up the dead money. It is tough to gain more than 4bbs or so if you get it all in for 12bb stacks.

    Elps and Lean, I agree the J9 may have been a bit loose. Once you raise the limp, you have to call the three shortstacks if they push, although you certainly would not be happy about it.
  • spade14


    great vid jonathan. i think i did not like the KJ iso raise with less than 20 BB. i would prefer push (second) or fold (first)