Let's Go Turbo - Part 3

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DonBartos launches part three of the "Let's Go Turbo" series with a hand replayer review of a $2 turbo knockout, played on PokerStars, with around six-thousand players. Enjoy the video!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part with bart! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!
  • Tristann18


    13:24 Q8o. I agree to raise it on later blind levels, lot of fold equity later on. But i don't agree to raise it in any position at blindlevels 1 to, i dont know, 6 or someting.. at least not without ante's. Players will call often in position and in the blinds.. and wouldn't fold on a c-bet. And because they are not paying attention, playing tight and go with the big hands is better imo.

    15:06 AQ of spade hand. Players on these stakes tend to raise big, with a big hand.. like 2x with a weak ace.. and 4x with AK (offcourse there are execptions).
  • DonBartos


    @3, I agree Q8o is foldable in the early stage of a tournament, esp. when you play lots of tables etc.
    I think it should be +EV since you should have a postflop edge on the other players though.

    I dont agree that a bigger raise is a stronger hand, I still agree with the video that a bigger raise is usually for more foldequity and a smaller raise is usually to induce. I will watch out for these plays in my tournaments and I will come back at it once I agree with you on that one.
  • Targetme


    @33minutes with only two 75% bets behind I dont like checking back a9 on a aq5 were never getting away from another ace and there is plenty of draws a bad player calling oop will continue with
  • Targetme


    Also you saying lets go turbo is %$#%$% amazing
  • Tristann18


    Thanks for the quick respons. ATM in watching a vid of yours, were you are reviewing gewoonlars. I don't know exactly which minute, but here you say that you can make it bigger with a premium hand for value, because the other players on these stakes wouldn't notice that (at the 11$ buy-in, players get better and do notice it). So isn't the player with KK doing exactly that?

    anyways AQs is a big hand here and i don't know if i can get away from it either.. and if i should.. but with the rejam from the SB, I might get it in, but not happy. AJ is an easy fold for me here.
  • Tristann18


    @ targetme. I disagree. If you bet that flop, your hand i so face-up and you wouldn't get value by worse, maybe some (combo)draws (JT suited). If you check back the flop, you basically telling him that you don't have an Ace. This way you will get value from second pair, draws or he might even try to take the pot away from you.
  • DonBartos


    @7, That I would make it bigger for that reason, doesn't mean everyone does it for that reason.

    I do balance my sizings nowadays since even in small buyin tournaments players tend to play somewhat better and pay more attention. But I still believe it's ok to raise bigger with better hands on the tables with a lot of bad players.

    Though, I think a lot of people raise bigger with worse hands and raise smaller, to induce with better hands. There has been a time, and in some way there still is, that players just go allin once they see Ace King, even with 30-40 big blinds. They don't know how to play this hand and figure that it's always a nice hand for a preflop allin. So I think that the oversized preflop raises tend to be hands like AK-AQ aswell a lot of the time. I think they would make it less with AA/KK to induce action.

    But again, I might be wrong here and I'll watch in my tournaments for players making this oversized preflop raise.

    @6, I still agree checking back is better since you tend to get less respect once you checked the flop, and therefor your turnbet will be called with a wider range of hands. Also, with two 75% potbets behind, you can get your stack in on the turn and river, and don't have to bet the flop.
  • Tristann18


    railde je gister f op stars. FT 2,70 turbo KO. Netjes, grats!
  • DonBartos


    @10, please keep the comments in English. But thanks :)
  • piR


    At 8:13 KJ you bet 40% of the pot with top pair. Since the board is kind of connected would not be better to bet a little bit more ?
  • piR


    i m talking about the flop :)
  • RiQRiQ


    Nice video! Thanks!
  • ShovingLoose


    Enjoyed this!