Equity on the Flop: Finding Leaks - Part 2

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In this video, Cornholio will look into flop situations. How much equity do you generally have on which flops? How much equity do you need to make your call profitable? How do you continue playing the hand afterwards. These questions and more will all be answered in this video. On top of that, Cornholio discusses leaks that he found on himself and other Fixed Limit players. Learn from their mistakes, and avoid these mistakes yourself.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the Leakfinder series with our Fixed-Limit player: Cornholio.

    Your thoughts & comments are welcomed as always!
  • EuanM


    The first episode: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/25202/
  • MyLady17



    even on the best K high Board, vs a tight range Ax is just crushed! Check out the tables ;)
  • nopi


    Which range you have been taken for the first example?
    If i take the MP3-ORC-Range { 55+, A5s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, A9o+, KJo+, QJo }, i get 33.4 % equity instead of 27.8 %.
  • Cornholio


    Hey, thanks for the Feedback.

    #3 MyLady: Your Article is very helpfull for increasing the ability to judge the Flop equity! If everyone would take the effort and use it regularly, there wouldnt be any use for videos like this :>.
    Best way would be to watch the Videos to recognize whether there is room for improvement and then really work with your article!
    Because these Videos are only meant to help players identify potential leaks, overcoming them takes more steps.

    #4: You are right, the Equity would be higher with a normal to wide MP Range. It better fits to a little bit wider MP2 Range like 55+,A9s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,ATo+,KTo+,QJo.
    However, against a ORC MP2 Range, you only have 23,5% EQ!
    Interesting how drastically the Equity can change from a tight MP2 to a wide MP3 range!
    Should remind one on how improtant it is to look at the detailed stats on how many % Villain really raises from the single positions and have a clear idea of what these ranges consist of.