Midstacking Zoom at No-Limit 100

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $100
  • Fullring
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Milename, dubbed by p0rkus, brings us some fantastic No-Limit $100 Fast fold poker from the depths of the Russian community, for our benefit and enjoyment.


Blindbattle Fastfold Session Review Zoom

Comments (34)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video with milename which will focus on fast fold poker.

    Your thoughts & comments about the video and it's contents are welcomed as always!

    A special thank you to p0rkus for the dubbing as this is a video originally from the Russian community.
  • shpongle7


    Not sure about your loose strategy,but good luck.
  • Piuslinchen


    why 25BB play?
  • amayaner


    stopped watching the Vid after 1:30 minutes listening to the coaches explanation why he would NOT overcall or SQZ KJo on the right and why he would OR Q5o from SB (which is obv. a samplesize of 3 regarding foldBBtoSBSteal). Sry bad that's unprofessional!
  • bbbizzz


  • HandOnFire


    remember u from FTP 2/4 tables ^^ gj
  • tweelingen


    stop shortstacking
  • FlashDavin


    Interesting plays here for sure.
  • navystars


    Why does every dub video have such annoying voices :X
    #4 kjo with like think it was 5:1 odds lol
    #7 agreed
  • p0rkus


    #9 less enthusiasm?
  • kosta55


    good luck ;)
  • joppiesaus


    insta quit video when we folded kj in the first hand.
  • Nejc351


    i liked the video, i hope there will be some more of 6-max zoom videos in the future, people fight back more often in 6-max so it's more interesting postflop spots. Don't know why people even bother with first KJo hand so much, he folds and goes on, it's zoom, no big deal imo?
  • noisecore


    Wtf that hud
  • i5bet72o


    lol @ the KQ hand
  • fortunewheel


    I don't have issues with people halfstacking but the industry should force players to buy in for 50 bb minimum. All these 30/40 bb pro's destroy the game
  • fortunewheel


    I stopped watching when i noticed he didn't autoreload with 25 bb left. disgusted me to much
  • fortunewheel


    pokerstars should fore autoreloads to 50 bb. I hate to see a 30 bb stack on my table knowing there are plenty of cap tables for the shortstackfanboys
  • fortunewheel


    the KJo fold early on was kind of silly since a bit later he had no issues restealing QJo in the sb. In both hands he had no samples to warrant this. Kind of ackward becuz i think most players would prefer to squeeze if they didn't have a sample with KJo in the BB then resteal QJo in the sb with no sample. ah well autopilot :)
  • fortunewheel


    Anyhow good vid , i was just kidding and trolling a bit about you not reloading but i don't understand why players don't autoreload , especially if you are playing MSS 50 bb strategy
  • learnfriend


    i hate some 100bb players in zoom, when they have over 200bb , they just sitout and rejoin the table.
  • learnfriend


    what's the difference between a 100bb and a 40bb ratholer?
  • learnfriend


    dub more vid from russian MSS please, nice vid
  • tatartom


    nice video, I am waiting 4 next zoom fr movie, especially BSS
  • spid3rix


    no auto top?
  • Stedyeddy


    exelent video
  • MimiTiger


    I wish more content with Zoom MSS. This is a good start please go ahead. Could you please say more about the differencies between the normal MSS and the MSS with 50 BB (Zoom)?
  • william8787


    Stop hortstaking? haha that sounds as stupid as peoplecryingfor campers at shooter gams.
  • Ratatuj


    spid3rix, no, it's easier to play with a shorter stack.


    Where do you get his table mod?
  • Milename




    Do you coach english speakers or just russian?
  • Milename


    just russian
  • Aston4ever


    pretty good video 4 me