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A podcast style-recording of the "Learn to Win" Live Coaching held by Schnitzelfisch, which will focus on productivity.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the live coaching podcast with schnitzelfisch.

    Keep the comments in English and any feedback or thoughts about the video can be discussed here!
  • Sommersommer


    Thank you, but it is really basic.
  • tieppofer


    Awesome, he should be a PokerStrategy productivity coach :)
  • twi57ed


    Thank you! Great video!

    P.S. I would love to help with the design of the spreadsheet :)
  • DeMarcohsp


    @4 It is already done, look into the guide thread
  • Schnitzelfisch


    @2: It is basic, for the following reasons:
    -it's a basic member coaching
    -a lot of people don't have much knowledge about self-development
    -the simple concepts are easily applicable for everyone, whereas more complex concepts only give a small additional benefit and are usually harder to apply

    If you have any more complex questions/problems, you can always ask them in my productivity guide:


    @4: The mentioned worksheet was already made with the help of DeMarcohsp, you can read more about it here: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=1125402#post1125402
  • lulualine


    Thanks for this, I couldn't make it on Sunday ;)
  • heltucosta


    video is with problem, can you repost?
  • patrez


    video was removed :-/
  • SvenBe


    <=== does this one work for you?
  • Th0m4sBC


    @11: No. Same Error-message when i click the link.
  • patrez


    nope, it has been removed again
  • Schnitzelfisch


    The video should be working now :).

    I know that some of you guys are a little shy on forums but I'd really like your feedback, so could you please fill out this 3-question survey for me (it will only take you a couple of minutes).

    Here's the link to the survey:


  • phibi


    just want to say thank you for a great video schintzelfisch