From Full Ring to Short Handed Sit and Go's

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Faarcyde sits down with z4tz to study the challenges we can face when switching from fullring to shorthanded Sit & Goes.


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  • Gavron23


    Nice video :)
    I really dislike the minraise with T9s on min 27 - first of you would never play IP against a deg with 12.5 BB, and I much more prefer to minraise/fold hands that have a blocker value like K4o but play bad if we push and someone calls us.
  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video!
  • Gavron23


    About 45s hand HU on min 33 - generally when unde 14 blinds, do you have an open pushing range rather than merging all hands into r/c or r/f.
    Quite some regulars (at least on ongame) have a 3bet percentage around 30% HU so is it not better to have a pushing range with some hands that have good equity when called (e.g. suited connectors small pockets etc.)
    and again raise/fold trash, induce with good hands
  • Tim64


    Very good stuff - thanks both. Don't mind T9s minR, though pushing is also fine since the reg in BB is not calling wide enough to make it bad (AJ+ is the absolute widest I'd expect). HU, I'd rather minR/call A2s to induce or just shove for 13bb. Limping and having him donk into us on 783r will suck, for example.
  • faarcyde


    @Gavron: I would have to say it depends on who we are up against. I think in this video we establish our opponents aren't particularly adept so if we make the assumption they won't have much of a reraising range then playing smaller pots with these hands is fine. Against regulars I would wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment that we should look for hands that have blockers/non-value hands to do this with.

    I agree with what you said about the 45s hand in the second paragraph. Against poorer players, raise folding that type of hand is A-OK.
  • ghaleon


    So what you think of wide 3betting in HU? You mentioned that some people are trying to find spots to spaz out with 75s etc. with 15bb. Well lets say we are versus reg who is opening like 60% (kind of expecting somewhat loose 3bets), but does not have a limping range. He has to call around 30% of hands to make 75s shove a breakeven play.

    Maybe he is shoving some hands so his minraise range is bit polarized, but still 75s would quite often show marginal profit even if he is inducing with hand like K8s and is very rarely dominated when call comes. Obv previous history and HU flow affects these a lot. Point I wanted to make that shoving such hands versus player who does open a lot is not such bad play imo.

    34:00 A2s: I would practically always be minraise-calling versus decent player. Also like more to just open shove than limp. I would more likely limp some stronger aces (to balance limp range when I am actively using it) and some hands that plays well postflop. That are not good enough for raise-call and ones I dont want to raise-fold versus aggro villain.

    At least I would tend to shove pretty loose in that hand in BB shoes making Ax limp-fold bad. In general I have found that quite few regs make limp as trap when doing it first time. Especially if it has been aggro minraise/3betting game as why would they not give spot for light 3bet shove with strong hand? Few will anyway think one level above that I might think that way so lets trap play with limp.

    Also A2 has bad postflop playability even if it's suited. So many flops where it is mor eor less guessing game. Positivie side is that you might get BB to spew in Axx flop because he might think you have no Ax, but that again depends heavily on opponent. It is obv bad spot for BB to rep Ax with his preflop check.

    Good stuff. Waiting for next part :)
  • XtremeFly


    I think you spend way too much time discussing spots when there is not really that much too discuss.
    8:20 A7o
    13:20 Q9o
    just two examples where i feel there is no need for a 1 minute + discussion.
    There is still good stuff in the video and i liked it. I just think there could be more good stuff in it if you do better spot selection espacially in a platinum video where people dont want to hear the minraise vs 2.5X for the 1000000 time.