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Jonathan conducts a hand re-player review of a shorthanded $60 freezeout and offers his thoughts & analysis to the plays himself and his opponents made during the tournament.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video with Jonathan and please do leave your thoughts & comments about the plays made during the tournament!
  • CPallo


    Few comments:

    -I liked this video quite a lot. You told us WHY we should make call, fold, why not to raise etc, which is good.

    -I just can't believe that you folded that KK, especially when that werd had been a bit fishy looking.

    - I liked that you told us that one should have tightened his open range when opponents caught your bluffs etc, because it must be a big leak for a regular player.

    But very good and educational vid!
  • autheking


    Hey Jonathan great video.
    In one spot you did mention that you did not know if an all in player had reopened the betting or not. Its quite easy to figure it, if you get only call or fold as options after the shove then he did not reopen the betting, if you also get a raise option then he did.
  • Zolotarsp


    49:30, T7s hand.

    If you put ur opponent on very wide range (which is true of course), why didn't you just 3bet all-in with your 20bbs?
  • PaPi92


    38:00 I think cbet/fold(if villain shove) isn`t good.
    I think,we can call him shove.He can shove some draws and some 7x(like 78s,79s).
    For expamle against this range:
    we have 43% equality.
    He could have KK+, but we will have enough equality to call again.
  • fortuna2o1o


    very good video,
    it helps me a lot to get better
    i will look it again:)
  • Sommersommer


    Thanks for the content.
  • nnssoonn


    Love it when you are going to say a second country in Europe and you get silence for a moment and then say London. :D
  • elpsycho


    You are pushing K4s. We have about 28bb effective so we have a pretty good stack. Considering that replayer was bugging out, werd was apparently raising 600, not 700. So we are risking 5600 chips to win 800.
    I didn't make exact calculations but at a rough estimate we need around 80% fold equity for this shove to be profitable.
    Taking into consideration that werd is not a habitual stealer from sb
    I don't think that we have these 80%. And if we lose we'll have a tiny push/fold stack.
  • elpsycho


    QTo hand. After a couple of showdowns our image is pretty loose.
    Our opponents don't like to fold, they have deep stacks and initial raiser doesn't fold to cbets too much and we are playing out of position. All these things speak against a squeeze. So why are we squeezing?
    And when flop missed us completely why are we cbetting into a guy who will either call us or bluff us off our hand later on?
  • yesman10


    Another very nice vid. Just need to know better your geography "France and ........................... London? Dunno" eheh.

    Btw: What's your book called?

    Have a nice year. And if you want to move from USA to play online Portugal would be a very nice place for you.