Planning for Future Extraction

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400 - $1000
  • Fullring
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NeverBluffing30 takes to his Hold 'em Manager 2 database to review a selection of hands where the extraction of value becomes the main topic for discussion.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from No-Limit expert & coach "NeverBluffing30" & please let us know what you think and what you would like to see in future!

    Looking forward to your comments!
  • stylus20


    really good video, like the content and presentation.
  • navystars


    Watch 4 min preview looks good wish it was plat :X
  • pleno1


    Can't wait to watch this later :)
  • grrgrrbla


    besides very good content :)
  • JohnyC1337


    Very interesting vid. Thx
  • partane


    Nice vid.

    Have to ask about your betsizing flop in ATo hand. Do you think that 48$ bet gives the most value overall?

    Could we get him to call as little wider and check/raising flop more by betting like 39$ there? SPR would be almost the same (pot 171$ and he has 169,50$ left in turn if he calls).

    Not big thing, but just asking because probably would bet little smaller there.
  • NeverBluffing30


    @partane -- There are definitely merits to what you advocate, but I think the size we chose is slightly better (both are fine).

    I think our cbet size in general vs. this specific villain in a 3bet pot can be on the larger side. Because this guy almost never folds to a cbet in a 3bet pot, we absolutely do NOT need to balance our cbetting range with a decent mix of bluffs and value hands. Instead, because he plays so exploitably postflop, we can cbet an exploitative/unabalanced range of close to 100% value hands and close to 0% air. Given that we expect him to almost never fold, then in general I like cbetting large in order to extract a little extra immediate value. At the same time, we must make absolutely certain that we give him enough room to shove over the top and have some perceived fold equity. I think when we both sizes accomplish that objective: When we bet $48 with effective stacks of $210, we could be bet/folding air. Same thing with your suggested size of $39. Your size gives him a tiny bit extra perceived fold equity perhaps, but certainly not a ton. Either size is fine. But it would be a disaster if we were to cbet somethign like $80, effectively shutting him out from making a move with air or a gutter type hand. You're right, we absolutely need to give him that option.
  • IronPumper


    nice vid^^

    One question:
    Where you got this mentioned notecaddypackage?
  • NeverBluffing30


    It's called "notecaddyedge". A google search should bring it up.
  • nittyoldman


    this is pretty ridiculous. i want to wath the video, im willing to pay a reasonable amount. then i see that 1 month costs $990!! wtf? is this correct? obviously im not going to pay that ridiculous of a price.
  • rifearmo85


    In the KK hand, what if the villian raise the river?
  • zgq123


    Neverbluffing30,sir,Last hand
    If the river appears a square, your opp push, what should u do?

    In the turn, should u bet for protect teh flush draw?