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A live session review with faarcyde played on four $100 tournaments, two shorthanded and two fullring offering his thoughts and comments to the plays made.


four-tabling Session Review

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  • labinos2


  • Tim64


    Thanks, faarcyde :)

    19:00 could you talk more about the BU limp JTo? As you mentioned, it seems we must balance here (vs regs). I'm wondering which strong hands you'd limp the BU with (i.e. What is the likely bottom of your 'trap' limping range?), and how often?

    Given that we are always either: very strong here or pretty weak (and therefore folding to an iso shove), what do you think about villain's decision to keep in the weak part of your range by just checking AQs here?

    25:40 deZZZed calling 3b ip J6s and not folding on flop. I don't think he can fold tpmk on the fop 65x. However, I agree that calling the 3b ip with this hand is pretty shaky. Is there any justification possible for this, in your opinion, or is it just plain bad?

    What do you think about sexygogo's small barrel on this turn card? Do you think it should always be followed up with a river shove? My instinct is that it won't be profitable in a vacuum.

  • braminc


    Sweet vid!
  • faarcyde


    @Tim: I don't like it when he has 9 blinds, I think it would make more sense if he had 12+. Since he has no history with me I don't think he can make the leap that I am particularly strong there. And if he isn't shoving AQs then what is he shoving? Makes a great exploitable spot for us.

    With dezz's J6s I think it is pretty bad and unexcusable with the stack set up, what is he hoping for? He flops a 6 and just checks down. And yeah I don't know what sexygogo is doing, trying to fold out AQ/AJ that he already beats and will almost certainly check down? All around poor play by everyone here.
  • faarcyde


    @Braminc: I couldn't agree more!
  • Gavron23


    Nce vid as always :)
    17:15 QTs on the botom left - would youever consider hoving his hand pre flop insead of completing, or is it that with BU havig such a short stackyou don't see much FE?
  • EverSteel


    Hey faarcyde,

    14:20 table #2, which action can we fold to, after a 1/3 stack raise?
    18:40 raising AJo against 13bb and 10bb stacks makes us in fact showdown-bound. Would you fold on any flops against their stop'n'goes?
    20:00 table #1, limping JTo agaisnt Sanchez, don't you think pushing AQs 10bb will be +EV against all of your calling ranges?
    26:50 table #3 raising 500 with К7о when your stack is 585. I've seen the move many times, but what's the reason?
    35:00 liked your give-up with AQ against sanchez's overpush on the bubble

    Liked the vid a lot :) keep it up! By the way, regarding higher limits, can one find good games there, and are there any significant differences in gameplay?
  • Smertvich


    Hi faarcyde, very nice video
    34:13 with AQ, if SB folds and san4ouz 3-bet shoves, would you call?
  • tmfinger


    #6 Same thing. The BU guy is 29/4 and it's a type of a player who folds almost every hand after Heros push. So IMO it's easy push pre