The $100 Tournament

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $105
  • Fullring
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Jonathan takes to the re-player to review a $100 tournament played by himself on PokerStars, offering his thoughts and comments throughout the video for our benefit.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the $100 review with Jonathan. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcomed!
  • alki2003


    good job
  • Laccyby


    I would like you to talk a bit more about different scenarios in certain spots. Like for example if you plan to r/f or r/c your hands against different players. for example 66 at ~13:00
  • Zolotarsp


    This video shows that even great players tilt from time to time when nothing goes their way :)
    (notice the chat at ~32:30)
  • Zolotarsp


    By the way, was it multi-entry tourmanent or just 4 different tourneys? Because description says it was played at PS, but i didn't find any multi-entry tourneys there.
  • deathbrain09


    As usual, I like the video and I like to see that most of the action isn't that far from my target A-game style.

    But I'd really love to see more Videos where u got deep in the tournament. These are ur best Vids.

    Another thing i'd like to see would be tournaments where you completely failed and made, in ur opinion big mistakes or tilts or smth like that.
  • xmiammiamx



    could you please scroll down your folded hands slower? There are times were I might have played hands that are "no-brainer folds" for you.
    You don't have to comment on them more, just add a quarter of second between each click so we can see the hand and ask questions later if we feel like so.
  • Kasanowar


    Why u raised with AA his 60 to 210? I think that is tooooo much,or? I think it would be better to raise to 160-180?
  • geoelt


    13:30 --> do you really think that 3bet shoveing KQo for 22 BBs Pre-Ante vs early is a good play? I think 20+ BB pre ante is way too much to 3bet shove...
  • geoelt


    10:15 --> also in this hand: isn't this 3bet shove way to big even against someone who is 3x the button? what would you have done had he minraised? You are obv. not shoveing AA in this Spot, are you? What is your shoveing range 28 BB deep pre ante against a 3x from the button? Do you have a shoving range against 2x from the button this deep pre ante? In the video u more or less skipped the hand, but I think it would be worth talking about pre ante 3bet-shoves...
  • IMGameOver


    "Jonathan takes to the re-player to review a $100 tournament played by himself on PokerStars, offering his thoughts and comments throughout the video for our benefit." That's a Full Tilt, Multi-entry tournament as Johnatan sad. I think we need more latest thing. But first and last the video and all Jonathan's videos very nice. Sorry for my english is preety weak. GL
  • GreedIsGo0d


    i am kinda late (new to MTT, HS cash pro) but the AJ on the A5324 hand is a clear value bet on turn (vs presumable weak players) and as played its also a clear fold on river. you are not calling to win a pot, but you are calling to split a pot, that changes the odds you are getting quite a bit.