Mental Game - Variance - Part 3

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Bogdan presents the third installment of his theory style production concerning the mindset, and the mental game of poker as well as everyone's favourite: Variance. Bogdan will use various tools and methods available to him to showcase the concepts behind the effects of variance on us as poker players.


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Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part of the Variance series with Bogdan, your thoughts & comments are welcomed as always!
  • YardMan2


    Please can you re-post your video series on Hold Em Manager 2 as YouTube seem to have pulled them off.
  • KawaNinja2


    Pretty hard to understand everything for me but i still like it. keep going
  • stylus20


    really like this series. never really thought that much about variance in general in the last 4 years i play poker.
  • FingersMalone


    Excellent video Bogdan, thanks a lot.
  • Rufus433


    Great video.
    Is it possible to get some videos from you about variance in sng/mtt?
  • Duziks


    +1 Very good
  • Rockthehouse


    @6 for sng you can simply treat one 10 man sng as one hand with the variance simulator. The standart deviation is about 2 and you have to estimate your winrate. prolly something like 0.05. MTTs have a very high variance and i would not even try to play them with less then 100 buyins without expecting to lose. If you play on stars expect it even more cause they are huge
  • Rockthehouse


    edit: this is the winrate/100 hand. so if you have a 5% ROI treat it like a 5BB winrate. Btw noone has a 5BB winrate in todays game on reasonable stakes
  • Solovirs


    enjoyed all 3 parts, thank you very much
  • luizsilveira


    Fantastic video.