Freebie: Continuation Betting in Multi-Table Tournaments

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Multi-Table Tournament expert and Coach "JonathanLittle" goes through various hand histories to showcase the importance of the continuation bet in the format of a multi-table tournament. Using the hand re-player format Jonathan will analyse each spot offering thoughts and comments while keeping his eye out for instances of particular spots where "c-betting" is something we should take note of.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Freebie with Jonathan, this is to replace the YouTube removal. Please see the discussion thread:
  • muumionu


    great vid, enjoyed
  • PoulH


    Very good video. I always enjoy your work.
  • t7777777


    Very good vid
  • Talent2


    Hi Jonathan,
    thx for the interesting video.
    I got a question on your Qs min 4:
    In the end you are commenting on his cb on the turn with KQo as not being the best play, cause he should have bet as a semibluff to get you off of better hands. So I think you`re expecting most good players to be betting this turn with there whole semibluff/floating range including gutshots & flushdraws. So I really don`t see the argument of c/c a river blank vs a cb-line on the turn. Cause he will be checking back his Tx hands on the river + you expected him to be betting the turn as a semibluff, so in this case his river betting range should heavily weight towards pot controlled Ax hands right? So maybe against competent players a delay float becomes pretty good with KQo ( not saying that he is thinking on this level) because by checking back the turn and betting river you can decently rep Axs combos that you decided to pot control on the turn.
    Maybe I m totally off there, would be interesting to see your response!?
    Keep it up! :)
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid. Thanks for share.
  • Alexmp8


    Nice vid,The QQ hand at min 4, you got position, so you have an easy play on the river checking behind
  • un1dentified


    Hey, Jonathan! A very nice vid as usual. Thanks a lot. But the whole calculation with Ad9d hand is abit off since you typoed AcJh4"J" (too bad pokerstove doesn't warns you) in the flop texture, we're actually fairing way worse there against villain ranges.
  • regie


    with the 44 hand at 38 min. if you had about 8K chips after turn bet, you would get more folds from mid pocket pairs on turn couse they know you can pull the trige at third time too. in these situation you were in, he might knows you wont risk any more chips.

    with the 78s hand at 16 min, i think the Ace on the turn hits more often his range than yours, so I think its a bad scare card.
  • ZeroDegrees


    @7, there's an extra dealer button that is wrong, we're out of position
  • EquityMe


    At 11:40 you made a little mistake when u typed in the board for the calculation. AcJh4J <-- 4J, should be 4h. Would that change anything? I tried to recalculate but Equilab wont even free the Equilate button.
  • EquityMe


    #8 already noticed, sry for repeating ^^
  • Oakesyy


    Great vid helped a lot thanks!
  • Squad77


    Excellent vid! I can see some of my leaks when Cbetting; I kinda got used to cbet somewhere around 2/3 of the pot, as it's std in cash games. Now, I'm gonna try and lower the amounts of my Cbet. However, isn't it dangerous to give pot odds when you have TPTK in a heavy draw board with a Cbet of half the pot?
  • RocknRollAd


    Very nice video!
    Thanks for all the good stuff you learned me! :)

    off topic: really don't like the 3x open when there are ante's in the tourney.
    Can you explain why you did it?
    I mean, you win more in the pots where they call you preflop,and you get respect for your c-bets, but you lose more when they 3bet you, or when they give you less respect.
  • kralle99


    very loose opens.. :-)
    but nice content
    77 call after utg1 raise: call is weak, i would 3-bet or fold here
  • ElDenisius


    nice one, thx !
  • massivehangover


    good video, tnx