One Drop Final Table Analysis 1

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Braminc loads the hands from the one drop into his re-player and uses his skills and software to analyze the most interesting hands. Learn from the mistakes that are even made on the very highest stakes!


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  • MJPerry


    Enjoy this week's Freebie guys!

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  • pleno1


    Very interesting idea, should be great viewing!
  • Wasihasi


    There is a mistake in the analysis of the last hand (Hand 20) - in ICM you plot Yong to be in small blind, while he was actually an UTG and in the Hand 21 he is in BB.

    While shove even in UTG might be still a right decision you should at least check this before updating the video.
  • dyeti


    awsome! Looking forward to the others.
  • D4niD4nsen


    not that much interesting for grinding and onlinepoker because of the specific structure close to a "winner takes all" approach = cashgame, but very good entertainment because it´s kind of a "quiz" for an non-mtt-pokerplayer with answer ;) i like
  • braminc


    Thanks for all the positive comments!

    Wasihasi - Well I'm relooking at the reports and it shows explicitly that David Einhorn had a walk on Hand 20 (who was directly to Yong's left) AND it says Hand 21 that Yong has the Button not the Big Blind. I am certainly able to make these sorts of mistakes, but i just don't see it here. Did you misread the next hand because it is saying that Richard has button and RAST raises UTG...

    D4niD4nsen - well thanks, but i do disagree that it's basically a winner take all. The prize pool is about 43 million and first "only" gets 18mil of that. That is FLATTER than an online 9man SNG (50/30/20). With that said, the structure is probably more similar to a 9man SNG than any other common online format, so I understand if it's not very applicable to the games many people are grinding. Anyway thanks for comment!
  • D4niD4nsen


    The payoutstructure for the one drop is 52 / 27 / 10 / 5 / 2.5, but there are 140kk chips in play, and the difference betwenn cash and mtt is that in cash shortstack have a big edge and in mtt people not "really" have because of icm, that´s what most people do not understand, so the "goal" for any player in this format with very big edges against "live-tell-fishes" in my opinion is to get a stack ~20-30kk to have a solid chance to get in the top3, and because bigger stacks can exploit smaller stacks in mtt i see 4-5 players which have to play with a "cashgame-approach" in the earlystage before there only are 4-5 players in.
  • D4niD4nsen


    lol drunk ?
  • murschi


    my english is bad. okay.jpg
  • Poakes


    enjoyed it alot
  • elpsycho


    Hey braminc!

    What is your method for determining calling ranges for different opponents in different situations?
  • braminc


    Mostly it's based on a combination on how average players play combined with specific information about some of the players at this Final Table and how they had been apparently playing on this day. It's certainly an inexact science.