NL BSS - Way Ahead Way Behind

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ahead behind Theory Video way ahead way behind

Comments (13)

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  • pokerafterdark


    two jack of clubs its rigged lol and how did you lose the last hand
  • alaska222


    Last hand was full house (666AA) against AAA.
  • Angel87


    last hand :P i think the FH wins not Three of a kind
  • kingofACES08


    AcQd sind 4th nutz....u forgot 5d6d
  • otoo


    thank you , youre videos are very interesting ! keep going lik that!
  • TimothyVdp1


    Laatstehand klopt niet, 6'es full>>trip A's en toch wint button :)
  • NightFrostaSS


    Three of a kind wins VS Full House :D That's what pros mean when they say - position is everything! But anyway, good video. :)
  • msampi


    Buen video! Muy recomendable. No entendí por que pierde la última mano. Si tiene full AA666 Vs trips A. No entiendo????
  • Bo3hRn3r


    fr??? where?
  • alenstrat


    Thanks, very helpful.
  • Dumm1984


    Last hand made my day. ;-)
  • arrrrrrrrrr


    good and helpful video
  • dolugar


    Very useful vid. Thanks!