Coach on Coach Crime - faarcyde & lessthanthreee

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $105 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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faarcyde takes the hand history from well known Sit & Go player lessthanthreee, for the purposes of review & discussion of the spots during the hand history. faarcyde knows his game well and offers many thoughts as to the plays made.


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Comments (18)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the coach review with faarcyde & lessthanthreee - your thoughts and comments are welcomed as always!
  • Gavron23


    Hahha nice title :) this should be fun to watch...
  • Premiumnerd


    min 6: so u don't ever flat a raise in the blinds against solid players even if it is such a small one and his range is probably like 60% or something? I think it's very reasonable to flat there with hands like 99 and QJ, by 3betting them you just turn them into a bluff and if get called u have to play a very big pot oop against a much stronger range
  • lessthanthreee


    man i had some leaks back then. I cant remember any of my reads at the time on these hands. I did make some clear mistakes. thanks faarcyde ;)
  • faarcyde


    @Premiumnerd..No, I don't like it. With 99 you should be 3-bet calling. With a hand like QJs I think it is OK if you believe the big blind is weak and will come along a lot. Other than that, playing a medium strength hand OOP against a good player will be a losing proposition IMO. Also, I don't know many people that raise 60 percent OTB these days all them I'm sure they exist.
  • Tim64


    4:00 I'm acutally wondering if we wouldn't be better calling Q9s on the BU for the specific reason that the (bad) BB will overcall often?
  • Tim64


    6:00 I think if we view simpledude16's call in the context of the weak spot on the table (i.e. BB) his oop call with AJo vs <3 beomes much more reasonable. 3b/f or 3b/c vs <3 will be fine, but I think there is a strong argument that it's less good than inviting the bad player in. With a tight (decent) BB, the flat call b/c much less appealing.
  • Tim64


    29:11 I'm shoving QT there utg. It's just outside Nash -which is QJo - but the blinds are regs (rather than maniacs) and we are hitting the blinds next hand.
  • Tim64


    45:50 KQs I'm ok with the nitty fold. I don't think Jack52411 has been raising much at all on this bubble. Furthermore I doubt he's good enough to make the hero folds required with hands like A9 etc. in order for the 3b shove to be that profitable. With our edge vs these 2 bad players I think this reshove might be too thin.
  • Tim64


    Another great video, faarcyde. Many thanks and also to <3 for the exhibition on how to win flips :)
  • Gavron23


    11:30 J9o - yo said you wouldn't ming leadeing the flop, what about leading the turn?
  • Gavron23


    15 :17 J3s HU what is the shortest effective stack tha you woul flat with such a hand, is it ok to do it 13-15 bb deep a well as ~20bb deep?
  • sirilidion


    flatting the J3s what is your plan postflop?
  • faarcyde


    @Tim..w/ Q9s think it would be fine but I wouldn't do it unless a poor player was in the blinds for sure. W/ QTo, I agree, missed that spot.
  • faarcyde


    @Gavron...I think leading at any point of the hand is good. W/ J3s, I don't really like defending with it 15 bb or less. I think 20 is OK.
  • faarcyde


    @Sirdilion...don't fold pairs, play draws aggressively, c/r some good flops, lead some others.
  • Nagger82


    35:30 When you are risk averse like that, do you prefer to limp/stab instead of shove ?
  • nunopires


    Solid nick btw lessthanthree!