Freebie: Leatherass Hold 'em Manager Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5000
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Leatherass reminisces about his year at and decides he would like to tackle a $25/$50 database analysis, as opposed to the standard while using Hold 'em Manager to find interesting statistics & spots for discussion. Stay tuned for more parts in the series!


hand history review HEM Hold 'em Manager thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest from Leatherass!

    Your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • Farmarchist


    1st! Nice as always
  • JohnyC1337


    not bad format but I would prefer 4 tables pre-recorded
  • sirilidion


    are the hands not in order of pay since I already seen a coupe of hands where you win a pot and the next hand your back to a stack of $ 5K
  • elyanos


    Definitely some good content however the format makes the video way too long. I think you should select fewer but only interesting hands for this kind of review.
    My 2 cents...
  • Kaczmarol


    Yup. Two better possibilities than stricte session review in replayer.

    1. Your pre-recording session and you stop when you have got some action.
    2. Only the most interesting spot in replayer.

    But still very nice production.
  • ghanisha


    show all hands get better mike everything else perfect
  • garney902


    Great helps to get the flow of the game.
  • naumuni


  • smokinnurse


    nice format - weak play?
  • Shevtshenko


    I prefer normal pre recorded session review and hand history review of interesting hands over this one.
  • Fulltilt89


    Thanks for the insight Dusty! Like you said, some of the hands were blah, but they all contributed to the flow of the game/understanding the opponents/ and being more realistic and practical than just seeing the crazy "once a session" hands! I liked the format occasionally but also enjoy to see you mix it up. Cheers to my most respected player!
  • tomzyb


    i think your session is actually replayed back from end till start (notice how button moves counter-clockwise :) )
  • W4rfield


    It would be nice to see more 3-bet pots and BB defence situations.
  • FlopHolliday


    Loved this video. Good format and I want more of these.

    Also the hands seem to play in order, only backwards :D
  • bankrollmanagment


    Does it help somehow to micro stakes players?
  • guilherme27t


    Its nice to help you understand better the game in its high levels. But I think nothing apply to the micros in the situations of the video itself. Its like you're learning calculus here but can't direct aply cause you're in primary school yet.
  • pKay


    Loved it; - especially when you explain how your intuition swings you towards certain decisions and how you also explain how much other plays with your hands are and aren't viable options.

    Its a good feeling to look at the hand and "feel" the same and then have you speak it out.
  • CallumN


    At around 5.50

    Is this your standard cold 4bet sizing?

    It seems very big as a sizing to use with your overall range. I think 685-720 accomplishes the same.
  • IclickButtons


    u can never b 2 careful!
  • Ashton733


    i liked it!
  • Najs2009


    I don´t like the format a lot. I would prefer 4 tables pre-recorded or a live session.
  • t7777777


    Very nice video and love the format
  • DragotoiuRobert


    Nice format, but a lot of time is wasted on standard or not interesting spots. For that reason i kinda prefer the format were you pick only a few interesting hands and creative lines and really go into detailed explanations. Anyway nice video as always, and looking forward for your next productions.
  • AngleZero


    Two things that bother here:
    1. The hands are shown backwards chronically. Impossible to follow game flow.

    2. You're showing NL5k hands to basic members. There's very little to no use from these to guys playing NL10. I think we all would agree on that. Probably hurts low stakes guys games to see hands played in these aggressive/very different dynamics against good players. Mostly I think it's not going to be useful at all. This is of course more of a decision from the side of poker strategy rather than you. You don't want people playing NL5 starting to cold4bet bluff with a blocker or bluff catch in spots very people just aren't that aggressive.
  • dirtyibis


    apart from lack of chronological order, very nice video. leatherass has good english and plays the game well. i like these long videos. cheers dusty, good stuff
  • Nejc351


    i realy like you're style, and explanations about the hands, and i think it's nice to see a coach who is not playing all the "fancy play" and lite 3-bet almost every single time, so it's nice to se you do the folding too. I thnik it's important to show that you fold AK when nothing hits you and stuff like that. So i disagree that there is no value for NL10 players, NL10SH zoom is not the nices place to be when you're running bad.
  • circoflax


    Love the format, you could get a good feel for the session and get the dynamic from previous hands, but next time make sure the hands are in order :)
    Somehow you got them to play backwards, just follow the BTN.
    When posting just 4-5 hands from a session, a lot of info is lost because you don't get the dynamic during the last minutes, so some of the decisions may seem strange.

    What about HUD? I mean WTF, don't tell me you don't use stats...
  • ZombieDenden


    This was my first time watching a video. I found it interesting to watch.
  • Firestrike


    nice format, nice video alltough it feels like you play more creative and probably a litte bit better at nl400-1k but of course its hard to say after so few hands
  • yomatiyo


    Min 25:30, u fold bb vs bu K9o against the fish. WHY? why not 3bet and cbet almost 100% flops?
  • MichaelDeMichele


    Great video. TY for uploading strat since you smashed so much ass in your long run. The bouncing around from hand to hand thing is kinda funky as is the down time. If you can just report on the hands you'd like to talk about it'd probably be preferable to the bulk of viewers including myself. But that does take extra time to get that ready so your call.

    The 77 hand was tough. CF seems exploitable if anyone pays attention but getting involved can cost a ton of chips.

    Nice move on the QhTh

    I wouldn't have value raised the jack flush since you have to lose an extra $3500 when beat, only make $1500 when called, don't get calls by worse a lot of the time and there seems to be almost as many hands that beat you as those that could bet/call worse. Maybe I'm nitty/missing value. Not sure which it is.

    TY LA
  • MichaelDeMichele


    PS you were real funny in the docu where you wore an 80's headband jumping rope. How you play 70 tables and win all the mooooola? Mooooo at me.
  • Anonym92


    love this format!
  • maxwi


    very nice - but make sure to run it in chronological order - HEM can do that
  • blal1234


    please more... a lot more
  • whoisspoking


  • mihuan612


    need more,, very nice!!!