Developing Your Reads - Heads-up

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Insyder19 delivers a short theory-type presentation on how to develop our hand & opponent reading skills heads-up. He explores the importance of the Heads Up Display and it's correct arrangement along with correct analysis of our opponents early on in the game.


heads-up reads Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest with Insyder19 on how to develop reads while heads-up!

    Your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • autheking


    This is kinda general HU play and applies to HU NL too.
  • EuanM


    Hey autheking,

    You are absolutely correct! We did mean to change this this morning, but overlooked it until now.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    Title has been changed!
  • brom0815


    More! 17min is not enough :)
  • Nikesonly


    @ insyder19,,konnte leider nicht so viele Vidz von dir anschauen,da nur es möglich das du 6max/Hs Up Beiträge produzierst für die "golden boys" ? Thx...Greetz.......................
  • insyder19


    Hey Nikesonly,

    HU 2/4 NL und NL 6max Stakes zwischen 1/2 und 3/6 sind gemacht und sollten demnächst erscheinen :)
  • Nikesonly


    Sauber! :)
  • mbml


    hi insyder, i have a question about the WTSD stat for HU

    i find that both players will have the same WTSD, so it doesn't really reflect how much of a station your opponent is. This is unlike ring games where the villain can be playing against other players.

    do you have any specific way of overcoming this issue I have with WTSD? thanks
  • insyder19



    Fold to River cbets will tell you that :)

    I messed it up with 6max there a little bit, considering WTSD :(
  • Nejc351


    nice video, we want some more :D
  • enowa


    You talk 5 minutes about the importance of a HUD and when you can't even read your own? lol