Final Stages of the $2 180-Micro

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $2
  • Fullring
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Collin concludes his latest mini-series to showcase selected hands from a $2 tournament, for our benefit. He will go through each hand giving his thoughts about the spots and discussing the information on screen to aid in making decisions effective enough so that we may take down the tournament.


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Comments (21)

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  • venusprotein


    nice video Collin!
  • PhreaKer


    Also I forgot to say, that it is a any2 shove spot for Hero.
  • PhreaKer


    oh... i forgot to say that I would reshove the A4o instead of min-raising :D
  • PhreaKer



    I wish I could edit comments.

    Thanks for the video. Nice edutainment as always.
  • PhreaKer


    The reason for that is because I think in that spot there is a huge gap and that will show nice profit even if it seems loose to make that play.

    Another thing is the Payout structure... I really want to increase my Stack to make my chances better to finish first even if I risk but bust 4th in that spot.
  • PhreaKer


    10:00 I don't like the Mraise to 14k to isolate with the plan to fold if the BB shoves if the BB is a Reg.

    For the BB it's a good spot to shove a wide range because he knows he has FE.

    Sure sometimes u can be trapping looking to induce with that line...then i just love it .

    But again if I was the bb I'd be reshoving any Ace, any pair and decent broadway hand at least.
  • mktpppr


    just nuts as usual, thx sir
  • joehovado


    Cool helpfull video for me since I am playing 180 mans when I want to relax from STT KOs and play more MTT style SNGs. :)
  • Returners777


    Nice video.I always looking forvard to see someone who can realy win a tournament. And thx for tips:)
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Barlin63, glad you enjoyed the video!
  • Barlin63


    Tx Collin. Excellent video!


    Amazing ... This is gold ...
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Rammie, To clarify would you confirm the time in the video where this occurs?

    Sorry about the incorrect status everyone, glad to see that EuanM and the Pokerstrategy team got this quickly corrected!
  • EuanM



    I do apologize - this release was put out as Gold, when, as mentioned - it should be Silver due to the $2 buy-in.

    Video set to Silver!
  • irobson


    #5,6 true
  • andosalado


    Why is this video gold? The buyin is $2 dollars, that's what silver player are playing. It makes no sense.
  • endreKKKK


    2$ buyin... gold?! lol
  • Rammie


    and outs for a split!
  • Rammie


    thanks for the video, one minor nitpick the 83s hand you said hero had 9 outs when he actually had 15 :)
  • taschendamenfalter


    EuanM, you're kiddin' that part 3 is gold? (part 1 and 2 silver!)
  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final part with Collin & don't forget to leave your thoughts and feedback about the video!

    Stay tuned for more fantastic videos coming soon, from Mr. Moshman.