Freebie: Winning in Tournaments with Game Selection

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In his premier video of "Winning at MTTs" EPT champion Rupert Elder introduces us to Game Selection


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  • pleno1


    Enjoy the first of a 5 part series on how to win at MTTs by Rupert, this week focusing on Game Selection and treating your game like a business.

    Leave your feedback in the comments and Rupert will be along shortly to reply to all.
  • Xessi


    was looking forward to this from the moment i heard there will be a video about MTT game selection.

    cant wait for the next videos :)
  • AssadKamran91


    really important subject and well explained! looking forward to more :)


    Literally have no idea what's going on.
  • BigAl123456


    Very interesting video, but it feels like it made thing comlicated for me haha.

    Still great Video.
  • phpalpha


    180s are low variance and full of recreationals :)) nice one :)) also on the stars list are too many hypers and turbos and just bigs for reg speed, which is a very high variance type of schedule... if u are only a stars player that type of schedule will help u go broke in no time. thx but no thx.
  • realtalk11


    I'm with #6 lol, 180s are reg infested (turbos) and rois keep decreasing.

    as for low buy-ins turbos and hypers, basically the samething.. very high variance lol.
  • RupertE


    I think ROIs are still decent in 180 mans at $15 and lower and should be able to get 10%+ if really study up on them. Compare that to 30% ROI in 2000 runner field (which takes longer too) and it is obvious which is better choice. I think the hypers are tremendous value. If you make a big alias of players at your stakes who you respect and see what their ROI in hyper turbos are you might be surprised. I made one for $82s; very low variance 11% ROI and they only take 2-3 hours. Printing money because of low rake and they are 6 max.

    But as I mentioned I thoroughly recommend that you play all non-Pokerstars sites more so than Stars. Stars is by far the toughest site IMO.
  • JohnnyQuality


    first of all, very good content. it's the first one in a long time i fully watched on this site. =)
    i'm surprised your alias came out with a positive ROI as i followed a long discussion on 2+2 which the result that most of top 100 on p5s and stars tlb are actually losing players when it comes to turbo tournaments.
    fellow mtt friends and i came to the conclusion there is no value in playing full ring turbos on stars from $44+ except the hots(i have like 6-7 notes on every table...).
    we also decided not to play too many turbos on french sites due to flat payout, rake and much better tournaments in this time frame.
    i don't see much value in the ongame turbos as well as they are super crappy and have not enough runners (only see value in most of the rebuys there tbh).
    not sure about microgaming as they have very small gtds and one shitty software 4 shizzle. =)
    6-max stuff on party is nice but steals a lot of focus. party turbos are also very, very crappy and even though i love the speed rebuys over there i don't anyone really beats the 22+ in the long run as you have a ridiculous abi on this tourney and most of the time only ~100 runners or less.
    personally think you have to add 888 to this schedule (good software, sync breaks and some nice midstakes stuff with good gtds and structures). and as you mentioned red stuff and winamax fancy name tournaments.

    looking forward to your response and the next vid!
  • Atalol


    Well he can't add site you mentioned since its not working with PS anymore.

    Very nice video. I'm just starting mtt and i have question to you and other regs: how much rebuys to take in rebuy tournament?
  • RupertE


    @Johnny I agree complete with respect to midstakes turbos. I recommend making an alias with players of your ability and analysing 109 squared, 109 cubed, and 6 max hypers. You may be surprised. Non-hot 55/109/215 turbos aren't worth playing. Agree party 22r speed might be a bad one, I never play it. Also agree that .fr rake structures are quite bad but they also start 10k deep and so many fish punt off early on.

    Admittedly my alias is people who I consider to be very good (and some sample size issues) but I also believe that with enough fundamentals one can teach themselves to be very good at hyper turbos pretty fast. Either way, even with just a 5-10% ROI they will have a high hourly which should negate the additional variance brought on from having a relatively lower ROI to a deeper stacked tournament.

    Performance (filtered for post 15/04/11):
    $10.20 n=1375 +$2449 17.5%
    $102 n=2097 -$9285 -4.3%

    $25 n=761 +$5436 ROI 28.6%
    $82 n=1294 -$2090 ROI -2.0%

    $23.45 n=1135 +$2936 ROI 11.0%
    $25 n=3824 +$13481 ROI 14.1%
    $51 n=4324 +$53599 ROI 24.3%
    $82 n=6885 +$78275 ROI 13.9%
    $215 n=953 +$111761 ROI 54.5%

    @Atalol Your general strategy with rebuy tournaments should be to always take the rebuy. The circumstances in which you shouldn't is if there is a considerably bigger add-on than the initial chips/rebuy chips. Or if you are a losing player but then you have bigger problems :)
  • elpsycho


    Hey Rupert,
    What about guys who are just starting to play poker, and have for example 500$ bankroll? What is the best way to grind it up to 5k? MTT? SNG?
  • elpsycho


    Another question,

    Why there are so many turbos on stars in your example portfolios? Wouldn't it be better to include more profitable freezeouts? And if we are playing turbos then why on stars? There are plenty turbos on other sites where the player pool is smaller and much softer, so our Sharpe ratio would be higher and variance lower.