Four-tabling PokerStars

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $400
  • Shorthanded
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Insyder19 plays a four-tabling session at PokerStars across two levels of stakes, while offering his thoughts and comments to the plays made by himself and his opponents throughout the session.


PokerStars Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest multi-tabling review with Insyder at PokerStars!

    Your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • xWoodayx


    insyder <3
  • yomatiyo


    insyder videos are NUTS, but allways take A YEAR to upload =(, why?
  • yomatiyo


    AMAZING LIKE ALLWAYS, plz make a video every week xD
  • pleno1


    Hey yomatiyo,

    Thanks for positive feedback! What do you mean about long time to upload?
  • Tenebrus


    min 15:50 i dont get the shove with AK on the river TOP left.
    You could easy have back door flushes and 5x , with which you made a bluff 4bet pre and even AK hearts, so why should he bluff catch you with AQ,JJ+.
    Its true that he doese not have a hand often that he could call, but some of the time he has AQ, AK hearts or 33.

    We will gain ligher call downs for the future but i still think it doesn't justify the bet.
  • UssuriTiger


    Will it be translated to russian?
  • elpsycho


    #8, yes, it will be
  • fidelloz


    when was this session rekorded?
  • insyder19



    30.08.2012, 14:48 German Time was the session finished :)
  • Tenebrus


    hey insyder could you explain against which hands you are shoving AK min 15:50. See comment #7
  • Peetfeef


    6:44 - is it easy 3 bet/get it in with TT CO vs. MP against the aggro guy whom you had 10 hands?? I felt like its a bit loose, but you decided so because of the aggro image in the first couple of hands?
  • Goamen


    nice, tnx
  • instaflip


    running hot in the beginning combined with that skills looks pretty yammi =)
    nice vid anyways!
  • insyder19



    Hey, sorry for the delayed answer :)

    given the history and the fact that I figured out fairly quickly that Daniel guy was pretty laggy there is no way we are ever checking AK there back on the river.

    First we need to think about his range: he doesn't have a set, I don't think he is 3betting low pp's preflop this deep OOP. So whats his range there? I don't think its AK, he def 5bets that, it's not AA/KK either. I highly doubt he 3bet something like Ax that has two pair now as well. No two pair otherwise for him he could have with like 67s type of hand. Yes he could have backdoor hearts but then be so. I am pretty sure he has something like JJ/TT/AQ/AJ sometimes ATs. So basically we have him beat every time.

    The question becomes whether there is value in betting the river or not. We don't know that yet for sure but given he probably knows I am making a vid and considering how loose I was playing so far there is a decent chance he can call the river. Also for us to be bluffing, it's a perfekt board to triple barrel bluff there something like T7s or so.

    I would also shove AQ there to make him fold a split some of the time, given he never has AK and therefore any other hand that has me beat as stated above.

    Let me know if you have more questions about the hand.

    Just try to think in terms of ranges and you will see the hands that somehow have us beat are sooooo rare.

    If the board ran out AT8J5 or so, I would check the river because then he has for sure some two pair and sets in his range.
  • elpsycho


    hey Insyder,

    18:20 Why are we planning to check/call the flop with KT, instead of check/raising?

    23:40 Isn't it a little crazy to play raise/call with our A2s? We have 45% against draws and against all other hands, even the same Ahighs, we are crushed. We don't have any good reason to think that this guy is crazy enough to shove JT here after we played 70 hands with him.
  • goldfishoo


    hey insyder your videos are epic
    would you be kind enough to share your read vs someone playing from Romania? i was just laughing my ass off hearing you making reads based on location :)
  • IronPumper


    13:30 - KQs:

    Imo you jam is here potentially -sv cause you need some FEQ for it, which you imo almost nott have here...
  • IronPumper


    16.00 AKo:
    thin shove cause you hardly have there a bluffrange or have you?
  • Tim64


    Tables seem regfilled. If you had to guess at your bb/100 in these games, what would you say? Nice videos; some great lessons in vbetting.

    43:55 ATo ip. You confidently bet tpmk ip vs his ch/c 3betting range. Is that b/c you see yourself as almost always ahead here (i.e. you expect him to cbet AJ+ always himself)? Or are you betting turn for free showdown? If he ch/c turn too, what will you do on blank river? Could you explain why you don't check/back either flop or turn? Is it essentially b/c it makes our hand too face up (i.e. balance). Thanks
  • insyder19



    You mean table 3 right? If so, because there is no need to c/r. We don't want to c/r and get it in, he will fold his air which we have crushed so c/c is fine. He will continue with pairs. We don't really know what to do on blank turns and on turns where we improve we are not getting value by betting but only valuecut ourselfes.

    min 23:40

    I am not raising to get it in vs AK or better A highes, but to make them fold. I was assuming he will fold AK AQ or just overs here. Given his stats so far we can for sure assume his 3betting range is loose enough to b/f there.


    I can tell that location means a lot when deciding based on gameflow or with no reads what to do. Games play on stars totally different than on party, because there is a different player pool. Games played VERY different on prima back then where mostly scandinavian and fin played.

    Reead on guys from Romania, it's either some short stacker who is very solid pre, it's a crazy fish or it's 0Human0 aka unbeatable 6max NL :)
  • insyder19



    Probably right at those stakes, the higher the stakes the more the raiser on the flop has air that is gonna fold to a shove. It's a close spot.


    Read the post above I made about the AK hand.
  • insyder19



    The less tables I would play the higher the winrate, hourly is whats more important here. There is also no reason in playing those games but rather look out for better tables even at higher stakes than you normally play with a soft spot.

    AT hand, I don't like my sizing on the turn, a bit too big. I would not bet the river if I get called on the turn, I would assume I lose sometimes there as well. I don't think he will bet the flop with AJ every time. I don't think he will call a river bet if I check back turn either. I can rep more bluffs when I bet the turn, given we have played each other and he knows I am making a vid he will give me more bluffs there.

    Checking back flop and betting turn + river is also a decent line.
  • IronPumper


    41:45 - Q7s:
    There is point in betting the turn cause on this turn he almost never has a C/C-range -> when you bet and he C/Folds that is good for your EV, cause he`ll fold out often some potEQ...

    42.00 - 75s
    Obv. you need less eq than 50% to get it in.
    Should you have no FEQ with your jam, you need exactly 46%.
    -> so you still need about at least ~38% FEQ to jam there +ev.
    You rlythink you have so much FEQ vs. an overcbet OTF (even though I was myself wtf is he doing there...)?
  • Stedyeddy


    Ur my hero
  • Infiesta


    Very nice one!
  • pelator


    soo good vid!