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PhilShaw launches his new series featuring a theory course on the current approach to the Hyper-turbo games within the poker world. He gives valuable tips & advice on the current situation and how to potentially best tackle this.


hyper turbo series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the review as it's continued with commentary from Phil - please leave your thoughts & feedback for the coach!
  • dydukas


    T7o hand @40:20

    What ranges do you put your opponents on that you decide to push such a weak hand?
  • rhalala


    No part 1?
  • pablo55


    awful screensaver! xD
  • kbwinsagain


    @#1 (&#3) - "thoughts and feedback" about sound issues were left for Part 1 but the only response seemed to be to take the video down. As there were so many other members seeking answers and getting no reply, I created a relevant "support" ticket which was responded to with a suggestion to check the forums. In doing so, I added a post on what seemed to be the only relevant thread ("suggestion: 6max hyper turbo videos!") but have yet to receive any answer.

    Having said that, I'm very happy to see Part 2 (without audio issues - from what I've watched, anyway) and am still wondering whether a watchable version of Part 1 will be re-posted.
  • kbwinsagain


    Re this vid: I really liked it - concise and informative. I particularly enjoyed the calm manner in which you dealt with suck-outs and lost flips (the first half was littered with them). Things evened up a little in the second half and you accepted your better fortune with the same calm demeanour. It was great to witness effective tilt-management in action.
  • bencb


    19bbs openshoving QTo 4handed from the button at this stakes ist the worst the worst option...
  • bencb


    -the worst
  • PhilShaw


    Hi guys,

    in reply to the above:

    dydukas - this is very marginal and an ICM -EV shove but folding puts us in a situation where we have little or no fold equity so we need to shove -EV hands sometimes. T7 is very borderdline, depending on the other players ranges.

    bencb - you need to justify your comments with rational argument if you want a response, not just offer an opinion.
  • dydukas


    I've played a couple of thousand hypers after viewing this video so I now get the T7 hand push but I still think you're too wide in some other spots. Probably that will also change after another few thousand of games. :D
  • tmfinger


    09:15 - K9o it's something like 42-43% at least and it's slightly to much IMO. I would push here with KTo, K5s (maybe K4s). It's seems close but there is always has to be some border line between push/fold hands

    21:52 JTo - don't like this call. According to icm it looks not bad, but when you loose this hand your equity is overestmated. 130 chips is not worth as much as icm shows (6% with 40/80 blinds). So I think it's correct to put SB on 70% and your calling range would be not wider then 33+,A2+,K7+,K5s+,QT+,Q8s+,JTs

    Can you pls explain these SB limps. I know you have good odds (6:1) but I think it's still not enough with 15BBs and hands like QTo
  • elpsycho


    24:49 - Is that really a profitable resteal with A2o on the bubble?
  • lex365


    How much does your game differ when you play higher stakes?
  • vuciitis


    question about 34:35 - u shove from SB on the bubble into BB/BS when you have third guy left with less than a blind. isnt this a good spot NOT to shove and avoid the risk not getting into the money? i dont see K4o like a value hand in this spot which we should 100% shove here... im trying to paractice folding in spots like these to raise my ITM%, even if that shortstack will survive next hand, shouldnt we just lower our agression vs BS untill we get HU? even if it would cost us to go HU like 2:1 underdog in chips i think its still worth it. Am i wrong here?

    tnx :)
  • belthazorrrr


    when i saw the QTo shove i wanted to take a spoon and rip my eyes out