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JonathanLittle takes to the re-player in a three part series which will feature his commentary throughout the tournament. Leave your thoughts & feedback about the plays made for best results!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Video!
  • Zeezout


    Gotto love your comments on the plays!

    Nice vid! Please more on these limits :)
  • Zeezout


    The strange plays of some villains ofcourse ;)
  • Tahigwa


    tx to pstrategy and 888 i cant even watch those silver videos anymore.. bet its nice review though.
  • manfredissimo50


    "thats pretty insane stuff right there" :D the first 10 min are really entertaining :) but i also like the rest. good analysis as always! thx mr. little
  • bashpepe89


    great vid
  • jaceface1


    first minutes made fell like...
    HM hm hM Home :)
    Thats why the low stakes are not that easy to beat cause u play against a bunch of morons who can have anythink !
  • Wirsiing


    Is this Video really from this year and not from 2006 or something?
  • Raisefeld


    this is a good example on playing bad and becoming bigstack due to hitting hard, drawing out and of course even worse opponents
  • speknaze


    minute 25. So what, in ur opinion, is the best move if the hand was AK??
  • norberttrebron


    Helo Little

    The time at 9:22 with A9o
    JVFRMN what did on flop, i guess that move looks like set what he showed with check/raise
    nowadays most of the players show like this way with set,

    I'm not sure i could thought it out on turn, but if we've knew this line from him, excactly not we have the nuts.
    Correct me, if i'm wrong

    I'm sorry about my terrible english, i hope it's understandable.

    Also thanks this video, i like your game.
  • pblankfield


    Sorry but the author of the video plays like a donk - grats on being constructive with your comments.
  • elpsycho


    27:38 With JJ if we call the flop, what is the best line for us on the later streets?
  • yesman10


    Hi Little,

    Just have to say that I enjoyed a lot this video. Hope that some time you can do one for a tournament of mine.

    Waiting for the follow up vid.

    Have a nice year.

    PS: If you are available to do a vid for a tourn of mine just let me know.
  • blal1234


    omg :))
  • Pr0teus


    Sorry, but this video should be tagged as SNG and not like MTT
  • Bonifacius


    Pretty good and useful video. Thank you