Heads-up in Gibraltar

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $5/$10
  • Heads-up
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At your request, Byron presents a fixed-limit heads-up live game at the anonymous tables at roomPoker in order to incite some action with what we can expect to be a tough opponent. Enjoy as Byron offers his thoughts and commentary regarding the plays made throughout.


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Comments (6)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video!
  • djpj1111


    I don't know how he managed to upload this in the future because it's 22-9 :P
  • Stedyeddy


    Exelent video.

    In minute 20:35 what is your oppinion about c/c river? Have a lot of busteds, and dont see worst hands paying IMO.
  • TheKudy


    Very nice video, hope you can make some more later ;)
  • datsmahname


    9:20 J6s on A759J

    Interesting spot on the river. Our opponent represents a lot of weakness so it seems difficult to value bet... but I don't think we induce bluffs very well after check/calling the flop.

    I like your decision to bet since he could have an underpair or K-high that may make a crying call but I think thats a situation which can easily change depending on our opponent.
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi guys. #3 c/c river - I guess you mean with A2 v 99? I think betting is clearly best because he will call reasonably wide with worse hands, e.g. strong A-x and even down to strong draws that missed like Q-J, because no draw got there, so Q-J beats all my busted draws. I don't like the c/c line because I induce absolutely nothing and he will bet all better hands and I have to call.

    #5 I think betting is ok. I think he can find some calls with small pairs and even K high like you say, although most draws around A75 got there with the 9. I will never induce anything with a check and I can get some thin calls from 5-x, K-Q etc.

    I made this video more than 2 months ago and didn't see it at all since. Looking now I think there is maybe a thin river value bet in the hand @ 20:12 with 3rd pair. He's prob value-betting any Q or J and he can find calls with low pairs since my post-flop calling down can easily be with a drawy hand which I turn into a bluff on the river.