Black Member Party V

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Black Member

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  • excelgeo


    very cool stuff.

    their rakeback alone is at least twice my bankroll hahaha

    one day a few years down, you never know, right?
  • TheBrood


    whats the name of the maxxim party song?
  • Hlynkinn


    lol these dinner tables were full of sharks... lmao
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    hope they got some fish to eat :)
  • opal99


    I definetely must become black member before BM Party #10 :D
  • 1seednoir1


    Damnnn G ... who was the DJ... I loved the song they putted in the end... Yeah Akon rocks. Didn't know if the second guy was falubous or not...
    Anyway I have time to attend to this blackmember party. I'll first need to learn to speak german (will be to master FL)
  • vladnz


    they rake about 15k a month i think maybe more
  • Cardbender


    maybe if we can get retracked to stars
  • Shatterproofed


    tja wer hätte gedacht das aus so was kleinem mal was großes wird :)
  • h0lland


    Да уж.. такие задроты ппц.. не в деньгах счастье, господа..
  • Azurite


    а в их количестве ? :D
  • perovo


    не пашет
  • MachineSoul


    задроты это те, кто дрочит 0.25/0.5 по два года =D
  • cInIMatic


    В видео не больно весь шик показали, предыдущее больше понравилось )
    А они не задроты, мне кажется они очень неплохо живут и отдыхают
  • Example666


    Там хоть один русский был?
  • pavellllllll


    #9 Жжешь ))) И главное не переведут наш великий русский))
  • dadude77


    Thebrood, you mean the first party?
    party like a rock star-Shop boyz
  • boogy0511


    does anybody know when does the 6-th Black Member Party will take place?
  • gigi86


    BMP 6 will be on february 7th in Düsseldorf's Nachtresidenz