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  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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Insyder gets thrown into the action immediately as he is dealt aces in the $500 No-Limit Zoom game at PokerStars. Enjoy as the legendary coach offers his thoughts & commentary throughout the video.


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Comments (26)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest with insyder focusing on Zoom - leave your thoughts & feedback about the video!
  • baki21


  • jigger1977


    the reason for 3-betting. he is from switzerland... :D

    nice video. i especially like that u stop the action and explain your thought prozess in the replayer.
  • grrgrrbla


    very nice video! really love the detailed explanations! waaaaay better than just playing a million hands and not explaining everything in detail. Would love it if you would explain everything as detailed as in this video in the future!
  • xWoodayx


    OBV new insyder vid nachdem ich 2 tage nimmer platin bin -.-
  • elpablogrande


    OBV new insyder vid nachdem ich 2 tage nimmer platin bin -.-

  • dark1ight


    You can add a note on player in replayer ;)
  • robbyttt


    im only be able to watch the first minutes but isnt the squeeze size with AA a bit to small?
  • artwork


    make this video GOLD please...!?
  • FairyVerde


    Excellent as always.
  • yomatiyo


    Min 39:00, ATs, what is your plan calling turn? why not fold? we have almost aonly a flush and not a lot of implicits.
  • yomatiyo


    8, I agree, I see the size too small on AA at the first xD
  • instaflip


    i was looking forward to see a zoom vid by insyder for awhile.. there it is! really nice!! thx
  • pwnadine


    wie da kinder im hintergrund draußen spielen
  • olekonjole


    btw HM is tracking folded hands.
  • super1


    nice Vid...
  • Stabillo


    More zoom videos!!!!
  • MoronDuck


    omfg get the fuck in! rockz as always :D
  • YoungBuck311


    Min 11:00: Regarding not to have a raising range on A67rrr
    Could be a very interesting discussion about general gameplan. Doesn't your argument include, that the best gameplan would be to have a raising and calling range, where flushes would be included in both ranges? I think just having a calling range on this flop limits our options.
    Also important, that this only implies against very good opponents, otherwise we could be playing unbalanced in this spot, cause rarely someone will notice and adapt.

    Min 31:00 Are you expecting AT+ to fold to your turnraise w/ 88 on T96rr 2 ?
    Also his opening range utg is pretty tight probably and of his remaining potential bluffing range, how much will he double barrel on this board?
    I think this is way too thin given the ranges in this spot.

    Min 50:30 You said, that you would check an A on the river, to hope he bluffs. River would be, in my opinion, a clear fold. There are so few hands, that would actually bluff the A on the river, but so many hands that improve. (AT,AQ, Ac7c, Ac5c, KJ, etc.)
  • mbml


    don't think your comment about raising every button is true or applies at NL500. These guys punish wide ranges all the time and the games play pretty much like a normal mid-stakes game (or maybe even tougher than 3/6 since those 5/10 guys play some of the time).
  • cmonsir


    Agree with mbml, insyder's game and comments were kinda superficial. I'd rather watch mbml's video, at least I know he has positive winrate at those games, thus knows opps and has stats.
  • Heinz021


    AJs on A43 vs c/minR:
    why do you call the flop and then you would even fold to <1/2 potsize bet on the second best card on the turn?

    why am I writing in english?
    you're german, aren't you?
  • Gustl55


    Nice 1, thx. Highlight is the comment about 3betting vs Switzerland :)
    Picked interesting hands for the replayer, especially AJ. I would have foldet too, because you always have a hand and he represents such few hands. But if he knows you are a good player and then he knows you know... ;)
    Nevertheless I think he hardly ever bluffs here.
    I hope you will make some more midstakes/highstakes 6max vids on Stars, and soon on FTP.
    Hope to see you in Berlin, Greetings!
  • Firestrike


    you seem to have a cbetting frequency of about 85% and a way too high 3 barrell bluff frequency and the spots chosen are pretty bad as well as in your lastest nl400 video. sry i dont like this
  • Taaco


    min 15:00
    can anybody explain to me why the hell he is calling his Ahigh flush?
    i mean arent there some weaker flushes that may pay him off there? straight flushes would have made a bet on the flop/turn, right?
  • Infiesta


    Zoom sux, but Insyder rox!