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JonathanLittle concludes his tournament review in the re-player, offering his thoughts & commentary to the plays made towards the close of the session.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the close of the tournament while Jonathan offers his commentary - please leave any thoughts or feedback about the video!
  • DasWodka


    I think you could be a little harder. Just say 76s push is pretty bad and move on. K3s is a call- quick the reasoning and done.
    A8o is obv. In equilab you can type in the percenttage you need, and it will show how tight/wide the opponent has to shove.
    Just everything a little quicker.
    It s still a good video and I agree very! often with your reasoning.
  • mbml


    min 21:09 - Checking back A88r with AQ: Isn't that such an imbalanced and obvious play? I would never ever bluff in BB's shoes when PFR checks back. But I may call a cbet with TT or JJ if he cbets 40% of the pot.
  • Rammie


    First hand you said you could 3bet to 80k and fold, seems you missed a digit of the bets as if he 3bet to 800k he would be more than commited, not that a 3 bet might be bad here but its more risky as you would have to jam.
  • Rammie


    nevermind you correct yourself later should have kept listening :p
  • MightySparow


    what do you think about shoving with JTs ?
  • Kekseg


    5:05 is it rly easy call if we have enough odds to ? Cuz its nearly 0 profit situation. Maybe with that stack we can find more profitable situations instead ? sorry for my english :p
  • hans101


    38:00 what you do with AT ,when andpukr or ungambler show?
  • smokinnurse


    but I'd prefer to watch a better player
    not that passive (esp. at final table )
    not that ABC
    not that spewy sometimes
  • smokinnurse


    *not bad anyways
  • smokinnurse


    *AND hand by hand review final2 and final table would be also nice