Knowing me knowing you using review

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EmanuelC16 continues his mentoring of moderator DrDunne. This week they go to the tables and Manu tries to break down every decision that Lewis makes asking WHY?


Beginner hand history review Knowing Me Knowing You series Theory Video User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the review with Emanuel on the play of DrDunne - your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • EmanuelC16


    Greetings everyone,

    Please give us some feedback for want you want to see next. There's already something prepared for part 4 but we still have a couple more episodes in which we can focus on topics you feel haven't been touched enough so far.


    PS: I hope you find the sound less annoying this time round. :)
  • bakuncho


    Great video and series.

    I'm starting to correct some leaks that I have because of this but it sweet to see: how to react when a player leads to us on dry and wet boards, how to deal with maniacs / calling stating and how to deal with river.

    Probably these are the major issues that I have.
  • EmanuelC16



    Hi and thank you for the feedback. There is a very simple way to deal with all your problem spots you have mentioned: ranges. With regards to leads on dry or wet boards, players lead differently so you have to use their donkbet stat a lot of the time and also your hand, using all the information available to you. My advice is to call hands with good showdown value and potential to improve, raise hands with some equity like gutshots without overs, low end of straight draw, BD FD as a bluff vs lead and obviously raise good hands for value as well. This is just what would be my default from which you should deviate if you find out more information about the player that is leading.

    Secondly, there is no way to deal with maniacs/calling stations, there's a way to deal with their ranges. Maniac is short for 'plays wide range very aggressively' and calling station means 'plays wider range passively, especially postlop'. From this, I think you can see how it becomes easier to develop a plan. Vs maniac bluffcatch (even slowplay quite often, if you can play for stacks with a strong hand without putting in a raise) more and vs calling station value bet very thinly (any top pair, second pair good kicker on dry boards, etc.

  • goxie


    thx for this video! my first thought was: why is hero playing this very table? doesnt hero tebleselect? there must be so many more profitable tables on nl10 with at least one huge fish on it.
    @Emanuel: maybe you could give some tips how to properly tableselect-