Couples Coaching: Katie & Collin

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Katie makes a review of Collin in the hand re-player creating an interesting insight into the complimentary thought processes both share, offering analysis & feedback about the hands throughout.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the dual review with the ultimate Sit & Go / Tournament combination of Katie Dozier & Collin Moshman - your thoughts and feedback are welcomed as always!
  • jbpatzer


    Maybe mrsjb and I should make a poker video? I expect I'd get pwned, even though she has no idea how to play. :^{
  • madein1984


    08:55 I actually agree on betting small here, thers's not so many diamond combos out there with the A and K on the board

    very entertaining vid though, would appreciate more of it!
  • theCLEANERg


    i think Katie likes Collin,and Colin is fond of it:)
  • Swist87


    Absolutely brilliant vid ;)
  • ghaleon


    15:00 You are too shallow for small 4bet. You put 40% of your stack in and obviously any reg will understand you are not folding. Maybe 30bb deep it would start to be reasonable play. In this spot shove or flat would be ok. This just looks like nuts imo.
  • ghaleon


    18:00 89s: I would tend to check that flop. Obviously turn might bring overcard for our pair, but its also quite tough to get value from worse hands. Optimistic line postflop there. Someone got nice bad beat story of "how that one fish..."
  • ghaleon


    35:00 JJ: I think flatting would be better in general? BB is quite unlikely flatting behind. So if we have hand that is not strong enough to play for stacks with BB we can then fold if he shoves. If BU would go for more normal sizing I would like to 3bet small, but with 5bb open we will end up putting huge amount of out stack in play.
  • ghaleon


    37:30 96s: I don't really like opening a hand in that spot where plan is to fold versus short stack BB. We know he is likely not going to be very tight and then we have two other villains to worry about. Do you think this open will still show profit?
  • ghaleon


    Ok you came up with that point after I watched for 3 more seconds :)
  • ghaleon


    Yep good video. Bit card dead, but that happens.
  • cjchalmers


    ha Colin ... no offence but you sound like yogi bear
  • Bzzz2906


    15:00, 37:30 +1 ghaleon

    35:00 BU is all-in with ATC any flop. The only thing we should concern about is to take the most +EV line against BB.
    And he's most likely going to bluff or broke wider range if we flat.

    00:40 A4o is not a speculative hand, A4o is a trash hand.
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 Cjchalmers: Awesome, I love Yogi Bear!

    I'll let Katie reply to the questions with strategy content :) Was really fun making this video with her.
  • Bzzz2906


    And something important : In almost every spot I agree with Katie.

    Katie > Collin obv!
  • vidrata


    Great vid Katie & Collin. Really enjoyed it :)

    And, sick soul read by Katie on the AK vs KQ hand at min 11:20 :)))

    p.s. Yogi Bear rules!
  • KatieDozier314


    #3 Madein1984: Defending out of the big blind he still has plenty of draw combos in his range. But you’re right – particularly with Ad and Kd on board, definitely not a major mistake to bet a bit on the smaller side there.

    #5 Swist87, Thanks! :)

    #6 Ghaleon: I don’t think it’s totally out of the question that Collin would 4bet light and then fold getting right about 2:1 (which he would probably be correct to do vs Villain’s 5bet range if he had been 4betting light), but I agree that we might be a bit too shallow for Villain not to be suspicious.

    #7 Ghaleon: The one debateable street is the flop; he does have the IO to call turn and decision to stack off on river is clear. I do tend to agree with your comments on the flop though, I think Collin’s bet/call line was a bit optimistic here.

    #8 Ghaleon: I agree with you, good point.

    #13 Bzzz2906: See my replies to Ghaleon for the first three times you cite. Re 00:40, how to label a hand like A4o is contextual. On the button in a heads-up match, it’s strong. Facing a tight player’s UTG raise in a FR game, it’s junk. Facing a button raise in the spot from this game, it’s a reasonable defense given the likely wide ranges, weak opponents, and compelling odds. Glad to hear you agree with me in a lot of spots. :)

    #16 vidrata: Thanks for your nice comment! And I agree, Yogi bear rules!

    Thanks again to Collin for making this video with me, I hope we'll get to make many more together in the future! :)
  • Genesis44RNMD


    Thanks guys for this great video. Like #15, I play more like Katie, which bring up an interesting question in regards to styles. Is Katie's way of thinking better at certan limits & Collin's at a different limit (or whether playing MTTS vs 1-2 table SNGs? OR, does it just depend on the players?

    Also, at just past the 30 min mark, Katie mentions 'just getting back on Pokerstars'. Does this mean Amercians are back on Stars??? Hope so ;)
  • Xenomystus


    I would love to hear an Arnold Schwarzenegger espression from Collin.. i think he has just the right voice for that :D
  • jules97


    that was entertaining :)
  • KatieDozier314


    #18 Genesis: Glad you liked the video! I think that many good players often disagree about the best line in a particular hand, which is part of why I love debating with Collin! Unfortunately PokerStars is not up in the US, we're relocated part time to Mexico in order to be able to play there.

    #19 Xenomystus: He'll be back! ;)

    #20 jules97: Thank you! :)
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Vidrata, Swist, Genesis, Jules, Xenomystus, Madein, jbpatzer, Cleanerq, Ghaleon, CJChalmers, Bzzz and everyone else who who posted feedback on the video, very happy to see the positive comments and lively strategy debate since I have a great time doing dual commentary with Katie and always learn a lot.

    And to everyone typing stuff like Katie > Collin, c'mon ... clearly obv!
  • Jenobence


    Great video.

    Apart from one thing... you agree way too often.

  • Ryusei


    Cute. :)
  • KatieDozier314


    #23 Jenobence + #24 Ryusei: Thank you! :)
  • tolthor


  • Laci24


    I like the vid! :)
  • Agiz19


    annoying....when did learning poker become encouraging to play like a complete donk, very disappointed...and constant annoying laughing like it is a bad turning on. - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - , when will real videos start to be produced once again , few years back this was a serious poker school and now it is becoming a flirt of people, who gives a s***.
  • Ryusei


    #28 Wow wow wow, what are you saying?
    The technical aspect of this video is rich and good.
    (1:17) 1st hand, pot control with marginal hand, for showdown value.
    (3:16) cold call for set mining.
    (3:24) donk bet almost ¾ of the pot on monotone flop, to protect the hand and for value.
    (3:54) iso-raise in position with KTo and take the pot.
    (4:16) raise “any-two” in position against small blind’s complete, because he shows weakness, flop c-bet and take the pot.

    Man, in 5 minuts had at least 5 poker technic!! That is only on beginning of this video, has much more. The Katie reads skill is impressive. This session review has many technical analyses.

    This video is great. And I’m waiting to see the next one.
  • KatieDozier314


    #26 Tolthor + #27 Laci24: Thanks! :)

    #28 Agiz19: Sorry you didn't enjoy the format. While there is definitely a fun/goofy element, I thought the majority was substantive strategy content? If there are any hands played or comments made you disagree with, please post and I'm more than happy to reply.

    #29 Ryusei: Thanks so much, really appreciate that and so glad you enjoyed the video! :)
  • kacsa1st


    good job!
    waiting 4 the next part!

    abuot the sound:
    -it sounds like u r too far from the mics, sometimes it's better for a few seconds :D
  • KatieDozier314


    #31 Kacsa1st: So glad that you enjoyed it, and thanks for the mic advice! :)
  • Helsingborg


    I really needed a video on how to play AA!!! THANK YOU..
  • tankabbott1


    Luckboxes should rather play roulette.
    Place a bet ...if it wins leave it.
    The chances are better then winning a mtt. no matter what these pokersites trying to tell you...
  • DDarkbr


    I liked
  • ritschy22


    one of the best videos i have ever seen.

    awesome great Vid
  • uludaq


    hahhaha yeah poker is to funny hahhaha,fck laughing all the time is annoying.sry