Insyder19 meets TeddyTheKiller - on NL 400 Heads Up

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Heads-up
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In his newest adventures on the heads up tables, insyder19 encounters coach TeddyTheKiller and tries to get into the mind of our Tournament coach, who recently won over $800.000 in this years WCOOP Main Event.


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Comments (19)

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  • SvenBe


    Enjoy this wonderful Heads up video!
  • taschendamenfalter


    4-min preview doesn't work: i can hear insyder, but the view isn't working
  • 16bbstack


    same here
  • SvenBe


    he guys, we will be having a look on the 4min issue tomorrow, thx for reporting (full vid works tough)
  • SvenBe


  • Johniiicek


    keep it comming MR!
  • Spitzbuben


    5:20 you say something about him betting A5 on the turn ( tbl buttom left). i disagree with your assumption here and stopped watching your video because of that. can you please elaborate on why you think that hand is in his range. then i can continue watching:)
  • mbml


    @7: I don't see anything wrong with that assumption. A5 has a gutshot?

    Anyway villain showed up with A4 after checking the River, which means that insyder's assumptions were right in that villain is cbetting Ace high on the flop, and also barreling when he picks up a gutshot
  • FairyVerde


  • yomatiyo


    so fucking great!!! plz more!
  • yomatiyo


    who is "silder" or that one that u say in the end that does not use HUD bt plays every game and he is just too good?. How is his name?
  • rubinchamp


  • grrgrrbla


    very nice video! for me it was one of the best HU-Vid you made so far, because of all the detailed hand-explanations and what-if-scenaries you talked about!

    min 34:00 you checkraise Turn with OESD T9o on 3rd table:

    Whats your range for checkraising Turn? just turned 2pair because you would checkraise flop with QJ/j5s/j6s/66 ?

    And in general: what's your gameplan for checkraising turns and how do you decide when to do it more? i guess one factor would be if your opponent cbets flop+turn alot, then you wanna put pressure on his weak range and checkraise more turns with a mix of valuehands/bluffs. Another factor would be if he trippelbarrels alot than you wann delay it from flop/turn to the river i guess.
  • TribunCaesar


    nice vid. I'd prefer if you could go thorugh the hands a little faster, but maybe thats's just me. keep'em coming
  • Tim64


    yeah, awesome stuff. many thanks!
  • Dodadodadodada


    nice video!
    small critic:
    like #14 said - maybe a little faster
    and like #13 already asked for T9o. You could talk about your flop/turn-check-raising-range more detailed.
  • yoshiwa


    Last hand with the A5s , if villain is barreling alot in that spot, is call Flop, raise turn the best line then (if we don't hit the A, A is call) ?
    Could we go call flop raise T with lower FD as well? Or do you have another plan on the T? What cards are good ones to raise his 2end barrel on the T with a FD?( i assume like any card but a 3/9 is good)
  • insyder19



    I don't think we sholud be c/r the flop there if we flop two pair. Basically in general, there is no fd, flop is QJ5, by c/r the flop we rep so narrow and get 3bet bluffed or floatet a lot vs good players. By calling we protect our c/c range the times we have A high, two pair/pair. On the turn tho, we really want to get value out of his value betting range so we have to c/r the turn now with turned or flopped two pair. I mean if we knew he is triple barreling every hand we go c/c all the way.

    If our opponent bets flop but never continues to value bet or bluff the turn, we rather just c/r flop with whole range then, depending on board/his tendencies.

    As for turn check/raising range in general: it depends on a lot. How much air is in his flop betting range, does he check back turns a lot, does he barrel turns but folds to raises? So my range for raising turns is usually something with equity on boards where it is credible I can have it and is possible he is value betting thin. We really need to balance that with flop c/r tho, because if we go for turn c/r too much, we can't c/r the flop credible anymore.

    Might do a vid on that topic in the future!
  • insyder19



    I don't think for 100bb we ever raise any turn on such board texture. It does depend on how much he bluffs the river or value bets it. So say flop is 339 with two spades, turn is a 8 which brigs another flushdraw, he bets. What do you wanna shove here and get him to fold better? He is not folding top pair, not folding a big draw, not folding AK/AQ. So for our overall gameplan, we call trips, we call AA, we call any pair and also A high again.

    I don't see a reason to jam A high there either, we just have the best hand often enough, we have best draw. We could jam to get him to call with worse draw, but then he bluffs any river anyway.

    IF we had a worse draw, then our plan should be to call turn and jam rivers when checked and call rivers when he bets and we hit. Overall we are balanced there because we have showdown value hands in our range too.