Dealers, Shuffle up and Deal

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $1000
  • Fullring
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Jonathan makes a replayer review of the $1000 tournament offering his feedback on the plays made throughout.


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Comments (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy, please leave your thoughts and feedback for the coach to comment!
  • Barlin63


    Nice to see that at the higher stakes there are also weak players. Thanks for your thoughts on your play at this tournament.
  • spade14


    very nice vid - but can you explain the QJo/f squeeze on the button? why you dont take a flop in position

  • SniffvsSnaf


    02:45 why dont you 3bet here... why do you fold your hand here every time you dont hit? I dont get it? What range would you give a random SB there?

    Apart from that. Very very nice vid - please keep on delivering!
  • Loczkens


    @#3 i guess to make lag image and icrease 3be% so that playerscan make moves as well when he has a hand..

    Is it right John?

    Nice vid btw
  • Loczkens


    still in thas spot qj as is not to much of a hand , and u stillhave blockers so some folingequity.
  • kusne


    it's much better to flat with QJs and 3bet with QJo, because QJs is flopping much better. therefore it's easier to play QJo postflop as aggressor
  • meepwn


    @#3 QJ is a good hand to 3bet because it has 2 blockers, and because if we flat it we are gonna miss 2/3 of the time and we're gonna be dominated very often.
  • Gaze73


    Why shove 7s for 21BB against EP raiser? Seems like an unnecessary gamble where you'll only get called by better hands.
  • pblankfield


    @9 I agree - bad jam - your best hope here if he calls is a flip agains two overs and you can definately find a better spot later on.
  • hans101


    36:50 opponent open with utg+1 on 18bb, no betteris juest fold this 88?
    38:00, ok you have great odds but if you not catch 6 on a flopa, which structure of borad you are going continue game?
  • Erikk17


    First time in 15 videos I watched from you, I dont like your play. I understand that it is 1k turnament. But you were to pasive.
  • mardante


    nice vid, i enjoyed .... ty
  • Ricardo10222


    pretty nice vid .. Im improving my game a lot with u Jonathan !! thx !!