Knowing me knowing you - Crunch Time

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EmanuelC16 continues his mentoring of moderator DrDunne. This week they go to the tables and Manu tries to break down every decision that Lewis makes asking WHY?


Beginner hand history review Knowing Me Knowing You series Theory Video User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the fourth installment with Manu & Lewis - looking forward to your thoughts & feedback!
  • Sequeezer


    video quality is unbearable...
  • w4terman


    ouch quality bad for sure :)
  • VorpalF2F


    I think that this video would have been super using Universal Replayer or similar. That way, you can just skip through to the the hands that need attention, and the video would not be fuzzy.
    Manu's and Lewis' comments are terrific, but the video detracts from it. On my screen I could not make out the HUD #s at all.
  • EmanuelC16



    The quality is lower because I was recording a replayed video.

    The initial capture was high resolution but rendering it too around 4 hours to create a ~5GB file which would take me forever to upload to PokerStrategy servers so I had to cut down on the resolution.

    What matters most is to see the betsizings and cards which personally I can see even on my laptop screen.

    I didn't use Universal Replayer or some other software like that because I wanted to show how some dynamics also affect decision making. I don't recall it being a huge factor in this video but I do give in several situation a short characterization of players based on what I see at the table and what they've played, which would not be possible in hand history replay format.

    Overall, I think the content is very good, no real dead spots and shows a solid but aggressive approach.


    PS: We need questions for next video:
  • Brutha2k


    I really like the analysis, but the video quality is indeed terrible. Lots of times I can't make out bet sizes etc. Any chance to reup this in a better quality?
  • double2


    In my screen I have no problem seeing even stats. Good videos btw.
  • katrynka


    super video, learned a lot