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Jonathan makes a replayer review of the $1000 tournament offering his feedback on the plays made throughout.


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  • koniqs


    i don't understand the last hand, could you explain me why did u play so tricky on ~20bb ?
  • hartsah


    nice vid.
  • geoelt


    @ min 12, You say he's probably folding an A.... do you really think he is calling the turn with an A and fold the river? what kind of Aces yhould he play that way given the whole hand.
    no draw does get there on the river, shouldnt he call with any A since kickers dont play on A K 9 9 x? or do you allways have AK+ in this spot
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi Jonathan, Great video as usual. However, I don’t get the play of 99 @ 37:30, when you get c/r on the turn. Surely he has you crushed almost always here? Also, if you fold you have a perfectly decent stack of 30K. In the commentary you say that a good player will know you’ll always bet the turn in this situation but he open-raised UTG so he won’t have much junk in his range. Even if he did have junk – which is hard for him to have – wouldn’t a simple line for him be to just bet the flop and give up if you don’t fold? To play check the flop, c/r the turn with junk looks very fancy.
  • pblankfield


    overall v well played. The last hand is quite tricky but I really don't think our opponent is on a bluff - your image is tight, your in EP so his minraise is super strong. I would jam only AQ+ and TT+ here.
  • Jefree


    I like this vid a lot.
    Very good explanations.
    I'm actually a cashgamer,
    but watching this vid
    makes me want to play more tournaments.
    Keep it up. ;)
  • thesundancekid


    very good video J , nice solid play, I do agree with Byron though about the 99 hand , I prob would have 3bet the 99 pre then 3 bet/fold a flop bet/jam, though the flat is ok , always a tough decision PP v over PP on that board that why I like to 3bet/fold villian.
  • atyla13


    Very well played , but at the final when you had the 88 maybe the best decision was to shove ... Thanks for this video .
  • smokinnurse


    37:30 99
    agree with byron

    last hand, 43:50 T9s
    i dont like the openraise aus early with 20bb that much
    ok, its hard to play against you with your short stack, but early is early is early^^
    and when he 3bets you - i think he will not fold enough that the shove becomes profitable
  • smokinnurse


    but nice vid ;-)
  • KKNgroup


    Thank You. I really enjoyed the video! No side talks, just short and good explenations!
  • maritsula


    at 36:00 when the SB reshoves all in with aces and the other guy calls with QJo you have to take into account that many players would should shove all in in that spot with a wide range of hands. This is because since there was a limp utg and then another player 4x. he could be doing that with a very wide range. So if the guy with the QJo who 4x, considers the player in the SB as a competent one he would assume that he is on wide range and thus call with a wider lightly. Still, QJo is a bad call :)
  • fclokeren


    My god you guys must be good.
    How many WPT's have you won?
  • Agosfc


    nice vid, thanks.
  • xmiammiamx


    Hi Jonathan,

    I have watched a lot of your videos and tried to apply your thinking in my games, which improved me a lot. I have been able to move from 2-5$ buy-in tournament to 10-20$ buy-in tournament, slowly moving up in stakes as my bankroll grows.

    I have a question on the fact that your play at this 1000$ buy-in does not seem very different from what I saw in some of your previous videos on 20$ or 50$ buy-in tournament. Which seems too good to be true to me...

    Is it reallly "the same thing" ? (with less fishy player at the table obviously). When you look at high stakes poker TV shows with superstar players, you see a lot af really loose and crazy plays. Why that difference ? At 1000$ buyin I would have assumed there is not a lot of recreationnal players any more; Up to which point can good "straightforward" play be efficient ?


    Thx for making the vid avail to Silver members. Jonathan has always been my favourite when it comes to MTT vids here.
  • Fistaszek8


    27:10 villain have 15bb and he open utg,you are on mp, why flat is good with 99? we see on a flop( a,k,q,j) over than 50%,not better is 3 bet/call or weak fold? because his range is very tight 88+,AQ+
    32:00 AQ, if you not cbet this flopaverage player pick up pot bet ona turn, so is nit better cbet?
    41:25 with AJ,you fold or call?, when JUMPPUTT fold?
  • Infiesta


    I liked it
  • mortaundead


    i really like too much u vids, keep making more reviews like that for us

    thaaank you!!!
  • Pr0teus


    nice vid, keep up the good work and try to avoid those marginal spots (9Ts reshove) eheh