Swimming with the sharks

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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James cracks-on with the original superstar showdown, as analysed from his perspective. The review is played between some of the awesome No-Limit coaches of PokerStrategy.com. In part two James continues, offering his thoughts & commentary to the plays made and the opponents involved.


multiple coaches series Session Review

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  • Dublimax


    min 12:33 table 4 w Kd6d on 9sQc3c
    You are saying that this board hits your high card re stealing hands so a CBet is profitable. I also think that this board hits his calling range very well and I am not sure that a CBet is profitable here. Would you mind to extrapolate? I would x/f on that board

    min 30:44 table 4 w T9dd
    When you bet that small on the turn it looks so much like you are just trying to take down the pot cheaply, you are never strong here and I guess Internet spotted that. Moreover Internet had shown aggression already a couple of times when seeing weakness so I think that you should really have bet bigger on that turn.

    Regarding how you adapted vs Internet aggression after that T9dd hand: By the end of the video you have been to SD vs him and you won the pots where you induced a bit by checking with not really strong hands but strong enough to call him down. I am curious to know if you had played longer if you would have reverted to take pot control lines with more marginal strength hands and bet with your strong hands expecting him to re adapt?

    Looking forward to seeing the other parts, loads of action :)
  • fitzinator18


    The second part of our superstar showdown. This time James Keys goes through his time battling it out with pokerstrategy pro's. Please leave feedback below! Enjoy!
  • plusevinutg


    at 23:00 i think call is better, couse i dont see any Ace in his range (A10 maybe) JJ+ doesnt push i think couse you can also check your velue hands on the turn and its thin vs draw.
  • pleno1


    never folding again.
  • popescu18


    nh! TT hand, If I had JJ I would push turn (sometimes check call), there are more draws than can pay and obv TT. But with TT It's dificult decide a good option in turn... Maybe little donk flop for induce action could be ok!
  • MastaM93


    3 pokerstrategy coaches at one table? :)
  • kacsa1st



    i think there r 6 coaches :D
  • plusevinutg


    listening again to your explanation in the 1010 hand. now i understand it and prefer fold. graet video. helps a lot. thx
  • MastaM93


    #7 haha i failed so much :D didn't know the english coaches...
  • mbml


    @3: I had AA :)
    On the 789rA board I was seriously considering a pot-control check on the Flop. I think you hit that Flop so hard and it would be really bad to get it in against a nutted range of sets/straights or TT with 38%-40% equity

  • plusevinutg


    wow i didnt expect AA.

    very interesting spot, I am looking for your review. thank you
  • MidaS2S


    Very interesting video, thanks!
  • boozaf


    I'd like to ask 2 questions

    First: top right table, min 30:00, you raise from the button, gets 3bet and says you can't 4bet for value (even though by this point you already knew and said that pokermoney's 3bet range is pretty wide), so you call. Then at 43:00 you 3bet pokermoney yourself saying that you wanna stack your value hands against him. The two actions seems to contradict each other (it's very possible that I misunderstood something), so I got confused. If you could explain why you decided to stack one and flat the other... I thought about the 3bet as to prevent other players to enter the pot but later on the video you flat call a lot AJo to keep your range polarized.

    On the same hand but a different question: you say you have an easy shove against the mbml's 4bet, but isn't a 4bet against 2 mainly made of Ax or big pocket pairs so that your hand would be fairly often dominated? o.o'

    Thanks a lot and great video. :) You're the one I identified myself the most. ;)