Building the Edge: Pre-flop 3betting

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Lechrumski continues his new series with a theory presentation concerning pre-flop 3-betting drawing on his experience to deliver the goods.


3bet Build Your Edge preflop series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part of theory with Lechrumski - please leave your thoughts & feedback about the series!
  • Kyyberi


    Doesn't work after 19:31 for me. Tried to reload and everything :(
  • RuiBouquet


    Same for me..
  • oblioo


    yup me too :(
  • dNLnized


    same here
  • ruuuic


  • doubting


    Doens`t work;(
  • w4terman


    yea its not working after 19:31 ! D:
  • pleno1


    Hey guys,

    Problem on our side, the video itself should load after 19:31. We will re-upload as soon as possible :)
  • xxpavelx


    hey lechrumski its a good video again, but i have some questions. do u 3 bet hands like 8822ds, or 9955ss. whats ur worst double paired 3 bet hand. do u squeeze with akj7ds type of hands? how would u play double paired hands multiway?
  • xxpavelx


    and how do u play the double paired hands with 50bb stacks and lower
  • RuiBouquet


    Great video! What about 3betting OOP with ds rundowns? What's the bottom of this part of the range? T987ds?
  • lechrumski



    #10 When it comes to double paired hands I wouldnt go below 5577ss+ 4433ds+ JJ88r+.

    When it comes to ABBxds I do squeeze some of the time - depending od PFR of first raiser usually and stacks sizes. With PFR of first raiser over 30% there is definitely lots of value in squeezing these type of hands but for players who started implementing some changes in their game I would stick to the range I gave in the video.

    Double paired hands multiway its rarely a good squeeze because of pour FE of course apart from the top of your range like KKTTds. In these type of spots you have to look more at hands that have equity advantage, dominance potential and good playability like KQJTss.
  • lechrumski


    #11 With short stacks you have to look mostly at equity advantage over his PFR range so you have to go for high pairs and high cards like AQT8ss, KK55ss etc.
  • lechrumski


    #12 I am not a big fun of 3betting rundowns OOP but you can definitely 3bet T987ds+ against most of the players with lower rundowns it is really close and you also need some significant FE so fold to 3bet or high fold to cbet.
  • tamamo


    When it is squeezed, what about calling range?
  • lechrumski


    #16 You should fold most of paired hands and pay attention not only to position but also to relative position. Being first behind PFR will be the worst case because you will have to risk all your stack having one more player behind you. Some hands are obvious call like KT98ss or 9875ss. But with marginal hands like QQ87ds I will make decision depending on relative position postflop.
  • tedyizpiti


    simply fantastic. superb video
    I would love to see more of that
  • Agent00


    is there a second part of this series about calling ranges? thanks for your answer
  • Agent00


    ohh nevermind.
  • lechrumski


    #19 It was continuation of previous video ;)
  • tamamo


    I want to know more about the marged3bet range.
    What kind of hands are top10%?
    Is it similar to the UTG open range minus weakpair & lowcard hands?

    Another question.
    Isn't KKxx used for the squeezeIP range?
  • tamamo


    There is a squeeze range with 4-5%, so is the 3betpolarized range wider than it?
  • lechrumski


    #22 I am not a fun of a merged 10% 3betting range. It is more up to your preferences and the amount of variance you want to have in your game. I am not a fun of huge variance, so I prefer having top 6-7% 3betting range. But it is PLO you can be a huge winner with 6;et, 10% 3bet or even higher. There is no one winning style.
    The thing is that you need to have very congruent and good gameplan which fits your personality. 10% 3bet doesnt fit me, so I dont go for it.

    Also I am not a big fun of sqzing all KKxx IP, of course I will still sqz sth like KK45ds+ KK78ss+ but not all of KK for sure. I consider sqzing weak KK as a very big leak, doesnt matter what kind of gameplan you have.
  • lechrumski


    #23 Sorry but I didnt really get the question. Your sqz range should be only for value as most of the time both of the players will call you and therefore sqzing hands like 4567ss even IP doesnt make any sense for me.
  • swatow


    i was oop holding weak AAxx, vs 3better and caller(s). can i put in 25-30% of my stack for a 4bet and shove almost every flop?
  • swatow


    i was oop, holding weak AAxx, vs 3better and caller(s). can i put in 25-30% of my stack for a 4bet and shove almost every flop?
  • Tim64


    Excellent - thanks!