Constructing a C-bet/Donking range

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Lechrumski talks us through constructing a C-bet/donking range when playing PLO in this theory, classroom style video.


Build Your Edge Contibet flop postflop thematic video

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Lechrumski! Please leave feedback in the comments section below!
  • tamamo


    41:20 AcKdKhTh Is one blocker insufficient? (Ac or T)
  • Infiesta


    I love the way you teach, it is perfectly clear and you pointed out the most common possible scenareos.

    I just hope you continue making videos for pokerstrategy!
  • Markobuen


    I like your videos, thanks.
  • lechrumski


    Thx for feedback guys.

    #2 One blocker might be enough against players with quite high fold to cbet. Nut flush blocker is even better in terms of next streets bluffing opportunities.

    I prepared kind of "perfect" examples to show you the best bet/folding hands as in my opinion they illustrate very well bet/folding range concept. Of course you can never consider all possibilities. It is just important that you understand that KQQ9 is better for cbetting than AA23. However decision will always depend on your opponents, SPR, number of players etc.
  • tamamo


    Thank you for answering the questions.
    I've seen this series many times. :)
  • RuiBouquet


    Great videos!!!

    Can we ever cbet bottom range against 2 opponents? Let's take the best scenario, we are IP, the board is dry and has an A, the players fold too much to cbet...

    What about paired boards? I cbet them a lot, especially low paired boards. Can we cbet this boards against 2 players with the bottom of our range?
  • lechrumski


    #7 Your latter question is easier. As Cbetting paired boards is mostly ok. However I am not doing it with 100% frequency. On paired boards you should definitely lower your sizing to 45-60% of the pot. Still I wouldnt cbet sth like 776ss against 2 fish with air as I think it is just pure spew.

    When it come to the first question. Yes you can but you should more than just dry board:
    -high FE ( high fold to cbet of both players)
    -good situation e.g. first is reg OOP and he has sort behind him
    -some equity like at least KS
    -some good turn barrell opportunities
    The more you have the higher the EV of your play will be. Rest it's up to you but e.g. I would never cbet KKQ4 on A85r board against 2 players.
  • beatoss


    Thank you lechrumski, your series help me a lot!