Taking the target off your back - Part 1

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Kevin Williams in his first video is joined by UKIPT champ Jamie Burland. Discussing lines often taken by recreational or inexperienced players and why regulars use these players as targets. Hopefully to make you aware of these so called 'fishy' lines in your own game and possibly eliminate them


Multicoach powerpoint presentation series thematic video

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  • fitzinator18


    A warm welcome to Kevin Williams in his first video, joined by Jamie Burland, enjoy! Please leave feedback in the comments section below!
  • jbpatzer


    I really enjoyed that. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Erikk17


    Great video :)
  • SMler1


    again this nonsense with the photo of a baby or their dog is repeated... Believe me, its only a very unimprtant sign. Same with the age of a player...
  • ryant1202


    will be turning the chatbox back on thanks!
  • KevinWilliams


    Thanks for the comments guys! SMler1, as I hope we made clear in the video you are often right. These things by themselves can mean nothing at all and I certainly wouldn't base the bulk of my decision on the person's avatar :). When coupled with an array of other factors however, seemingly superficial things such as these can help us paint a more accurate picture in a similar way to live poker.
  • madne55


    i have a question about player names like "AAKQ" or "NutNutHiLO" and play holdem
  • xmiammiamx


    I have a question at 13:43:
    You mentioned that his sizing is ugly because he bet 1800 into a 1100 pot leaving himself with 900 behind.
    Why is that "bad" exactly? I understand than in the case of this player it tells a lot about his range and it's not balanced; but couldn't a good player do the same including some bluffs into it? What's really the drawback of keeping only 900 behind here?
  • darkpenance0


    loved the last section on the cbox, made me laugh. I'm a theorizer, didnt realise how leaky that was, gonna try and not do that anymore lol