Bust-Out Hands Review with JonathanLittle

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All tournaments either end in Victory or Busting Out. In our latest video from JonathanLittle he is going to go into some hands where he's busted out of MTTs and look for places to potential improve or avoid going broke.


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  • fitzinator18


    Jonathan Little reviews some hands where he goes broke. Enjoy!

    Please leave feedback in the comments section below!
  • horsetranquilizer


    nice vid. a lot of really shortstacked and basic spots. but i like that you always have good (mathematical) reasoning
  • Kraterspalter


    @6:46 I dont think this call preflop is profitabel. You have 1,6x ps left and you are not happy to stack off with tp.
    And normally his range is really strong, he sqz against utg without antes early in the tournament.
    I really think your donkshove is not the best play.
    He will bet this board with almost all of his range and mostly so small, that we can shove with FE. If he bets bigs he most likely has a tp, which we should fould against.
    He sometimes checks behind, which is great as we see a freecard and are sometimes abel to bluff.
  • Kraterspalter


    @16:50 I would like a 4bet to 2,3k in this spot, i donkt like to shove 9,3k to a 1,1k 3bet(bad risk/reward ratio) and we let him the the opportunity to spazz.