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The debut video of the leading platinum coach in the Russian community - PusheeR highlights unusual and interesting spots using the Hold 'em Manager 2 Hand re-player. Most regulars overlook information which can be gathered in standard spots, hence this Video tries to highlight this topic.


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Comments (18)

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  • kacsa1st


    i very very liked it!
    waiting for the next one!!!!!
  • barbeysize


    nice voice, pusher.

    whait, oh, shi** =)))
  • yomatiyo


    what a beautifull voice =)
  • yomatiyo


    first hand is soooo damn std...
  • yomatiyo


    but I like the analisis of diretents regs.. but it could be more exaustive =)
  • gp00053


    great video. Listening to your thought process will be very valuable in future games. Great job. Hope you do more
  • fitzinator18


    I thought this video was very good, really enjoyed listening to your thought processes and especially how you will adjust after seeing a showdown. something i struggle with is seeing someone showdown a hand and then coming up with accurate ways to adjust given the fact that i know how he would play this hand & infer from that how he would play other hands and how to combat that. seeing you verbalise your thoughts so easily was really good here
  • PusheeR


    ty all guyz. Also if u have any questions you can ask me here in comments
  • Qwertz321


    Good debut video, PusheeR!
    Your explanation and thought process was clean and not overly complicated.
    I admit though that i was skeptical at 4:30 hearing you say "siginificant raise almost potsize" ;)
  • Saren113


    It's so obvious when you explains it, I don't see how I can have missed it. TY!
  • flakk


    22:05 what do you mean by balanced betting? and why "beginning with the flop, just betting at him"? sounds a bit odd cause he seems to be the guy not to bluff unles we have decent showdown value?wtf?:)

    very nice vid!


  • double2


    Nice video
  • atllas20


    AKo is horrible imo
  • atllas20


    Sry I have to post again, because AKo made me a sleepless night.
    I mean I really feel sorry for V, because he understands the concept of fEQ and played perfectly on the odds you give him pre. How can you post a hand like this in a pokerschool, when this is the best example of luckboxing and wrong betsizingg because as you said "I don't know what he got"? :facepalm:
  • LemOn36


    I like this very much, most people say "lol standard move on" but I like how you think about what adjustments you will make against the players after just one hand.

    I'd like to see your video being made in the same style, the AK hand doesn't really fit into the concept as it's super villain dependent/clicking buttons but the rest were used very well.

    Btw are you a girl or just girl voice ?:P
  • schiyza


    I love this vid! Great job.
  • breena


    Video made me horny, so disapointing finding out you are a man 8-(