Full Ring $30 SNG Review

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Please enjoy as our resident SNG Coach Unam takes us through a Full Ring $30 Sit and Go Tournament he recently played on Pokerstars


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy our latest video from Unam as he takes us through a $30 Full Ring Sit and Go on Stars.

    PLease leave any feedback or comments you have for Unam here
  • sirilidion


    10:20: I like a raise with the 77 better since the $30s you wil be getting more folds then micro stakes. I would make it 230 with my entire range. on the flop c-betting would depend on the flop it self and my preseved range of villian.
  • skgo


    wieso nur auf englisch man
  • YohanN7



    Suggestion: When using Nash calculators (or whatever these thingies are), it would be ok if the clicking around in those programs was made beforehand, or at least out of sight.
  • ghaleon


    12:00 QJo: Flop bet would be my default line. Turn call... We have 2 pairs, but what weaker hands you expect villain to bet? Outside of some flush draw semibluff. I have hard time to see him betting just top pair in 3way pot on such board. Plus Ax is imo big part of fish open limping range. Well SB villain is reg and that might be affecting my thinking.
  • ghaleon


    Though I am surprised of his A9s play earlier. Tends to be aggro reg.
  • herekPL


    who is hero?
  • fitzinator18


    K7s around 6mins in i would just opencram river. noone is gonna fold a 7 and u dont want them to end up just calling a potbet. also if he happens to have a 2 he prob calls. u lose value from some other stuff but for the times he has a 7 or 2 this is easily made up for
  • thebimpf


    you should inform yourself more about the oponents. only on 1st look i saw 4 regs in there.
    why calling JJ in SB vs good Reg BU open?
  • rvrz06


    14:00 - Call the turn bet with QJ on that board? 15:50 - Flat call with JJ OOP? I couldn't watch more than 15 mins, this is the worst video I ever saw.
  • Klep


    ahaha just watched 2minutes "i recognize only 1 reg @ this table" gnihi fail. seriously you don´t have to know all the good regs here.. but you never heard the name darinvg!? really??
  • Erevos


    Remember, back in the day, whoever called shoves light was a fish?
    Pepperidge Farm remembers...
  • nunopires


    21:00 he said bballwiz? Whats wrong with u people?
  • nunopires


    ***21:00 he said bballwiz is a fish? Whats wrong with u people?