Advanced Fixed-Limit: SB Open Raising

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Our FL Coach datsmahname presents a limit hold 'em podcast where he will discuss the topic of small blind open ranges


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  • fitzinator18


    this weeks freebie from datsmahname focuses on SB open raising in FLHE. Please leave feedback in the comments section below. Enjoy!
  • datsmahname


    Two Corrections for this video:

    1) The average difference in winrate that I observed is actually 4bb/100 (not 4BB). Using the BB/100 rake paid, I estimate that being out of position puts us at no less than a 2.4% disadvantage.

    2) The Equation was miss-wrote for REQ. In the denominator, replace (Pot-Inv.) with (Pot).

    Also, if you want to account for rake & position, you can multiply the denominator by (1-rake) and divide the numerator by (Pot*position). This is covered in greater detail in future videos.

    In addition to the comments here, you can also ask questions during either weekly live FL coaching.
  • kiromanAAKK


    for investment what we refer in the specific formula used in the video? TY
  • datsmahname


    I'm not sure I understand your question, but for SB open raising:

    INV = (Average Pot)/2 - Small Blind
  • kiromanAAKK


    The Inv in this formula

    REQ = P(fold)*blinds + (P(fold)-1)*Inv/(P(fold)-1)*(Pot-Inv)


    Btw, that's a great video, thank you very much :)
  • datsmahname


    Yep, thats the one. Inv = Investment

    However, note correction 2 from my first post. The equation is as follows:

    REQ = [P(fold)*blinds + (P(fold)-1)*Inv]/(P(fold)-1)*(Pot)
  • redmeat


    Great video! thx for a wonderful and pretty instructional session.