Sit and Go 3-bet Theory

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Our SNG coach faarcyde is back and this time he is beginning a multi-part series on 3-betting in all forms of SNGs. He begins this week with a Powerpoint presentation on the subject. Enjoy.


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  • Tim64


    Having been directly refered to in a Faarcyde video (25:42), I feel my work here is done. Thus, I shouldn't really have any comments.

    But I hate to disappoint you. So... I will just say I really liked this content. I think the idea of using 3b defensively to prevent loose stealing regs from running over you, while avoiding light 3b vs ppl who just won't fold, is a good one.

    Looking forward to the hand review and hoping you'll be a gent and refrain from using any of the many examples of me 3b spewing that you have no doubt collected :o)
  • fitzinator18


    A warm welcome back to Faarcyde as he discusses Sit&Go 3bet theory. Please leave feedback in the comments section below. Enjoy!
  • Premiumnerd


    mostly basic stuff, I hope to see some concrete and interessting examples in the next video :P Any way I've one Question:
    you are basically saying you 3bet vs a reg utg purely as a bluff and call your value hands or did I get this wrong? I think good regs who play with you a lot will catch up on that very fast and exploit you. I think just calling your whole range or 3betting poralized against aggressiv regs is better.
  • EverSteel


    Hello faarcyde,
    a couple questions if you might:

    1) You talk about widening value-3bet ranges. What do you mean exactly?
    2) Say, after 3betting a raise, minraise, or an isoraise we stay HU. Do you play postflop as if it was a HU-match? Or rather playing 1x1 in SNG FR is different? If so, what's the difference?
    3) Could you upload more photos to facebook?