Sit and Go 3-bet Theory - Live Replay

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33 - $109
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Faarcyde puts some of his concepts discussed in the previous video into practice


3bet live session

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  • fitzinator18


    Faarcyde brings a live session discussing 3betting in SNGs. Enjoy!

    Please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • cassiusclay22


    gg mr faarcyde. gl in poker and your marriage.

    keep on spaming the chat ;)
  • Premiumnerd


    not really diamond content, but at least some interessting spots. I think I would've played some hands differently e.g the AQs, but your play probably is ok as well. Also liked your chatting towards the end :D
  • ghaleon


    19:30 AA: Do you assume either of them would be folding hand like 99 or AQ when you iso shove 2bb CO shove? I would assume they are snap calling.
  • ghaleon


    25:30 bottom right 99: I assume this would be pretty much bottom of your raise-call range and shove weaker pockets or? SB is probably not going to flat ever or his flat would be suspicious if he does. Did you think BB would be flatting decent amount of time?
  • ghaleon


    Overall these sort of videos with special theme would be much more convenient with hand review. I assume you have quite a few hands in database so bit of filtering should bring up enough spots to talk about focusing into relevant spots.
  • ghaleon


    Last hand. We can take somewhat minus EV calls there, but I think Q2o is still too loose.
  • faarcyde


    @ghaleon: W/ AA I agree I like jamming better.

    W/ 99 it would be the bottom of my range for raise calling the SB but I think we still need to r/c for value vs BB with ~77+.

    As far as hand review I agree and I don't in the sense that there is no game flow or anything when you are looking at an individual hand, it has very little context. I am doing a HU video that should be released soon where I do a hand replayer though so ask and ye shall receive.
  • faarcyde


    You're right Q2 is too loose, in retrospect I like Q5+ or some such. Small difference but still a difference :>
  • faarcyde


    @cassiusclay22: I love spamming chat but nobody else talks these days! I suppose in this era of mass tabling people don't have time ;<
  • Tim64


    Very many congratulations on your nuptials!

    26:20 K3o. Dislike this 6.5bb shove. K3o someway outside Nash range of KTo+ here.
  • Tim64


    ^^ Correction, Nash is K9o b/c it's 6mx.

    27:32 K6o shove. Antes make this closer, but Nash still K9o.
  • Tim64


    22:00 fold vs utg oR w AKo. Meh... not a fan of this. I understand the reasoning, but we're 7 handed and the raiser is relatively shortstacked. There's no incentive for him to fold AJs/AQ here with the blinds about to go through him. Seems to me he's always raising 88/99 here too and sometimes talks himself into folding them when we ship b/c he knows what your 3b range looks like. I think the fold is just a wee bit too paranoid.
  • Tim64


    8:22 A5o, trips on river. You say that the value bet is standard and that checking is never good. I certainly don't think the vb is bad, but I disagree it's the only line. I think there are enough 56s/flushdraws on turn that villain's range is very polarised. When he has Ax, we're behind. So he has to hero us with all his 7x since we always value cut ourselves by betting into an Ace. If he bluffs missed draws or random 45 turned into a bluff enough I think checking could be ok. We also lose less vs Ax unless we're able to b/f this riv (which is pretty tough).
  • Tim64


    Good content - thanks. Looking forward to the HU vid. Agree with ghaleon that we'll get more spots in the same time frame with a replayer hand review.
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Regarding the AK hand I suppose it is mostly an opponent specific read where Nosferatu is one of the tighter regulars out there and I think he will shove AJ/AQ/77/88 hands most of the time so I simply don't see much value with the AK..