A Little High and a Little Low

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $50 - $1000
  • Fullring
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Jonathan little Reviews a $1000 MTT and a $50 MTT. He gives his thoughts and analysis on both.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Jonathan Little and as always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • ghaleon


    2830 T8s: What sort of range would you be check-calling down if villain bets turn and shoves river? Overpairs don't really have that much more showdown value. Would you play 9x in this way by check-calling?
  • ghaleon


    37:50 98o: You mention limping as possibility as to force villain either to make huge shove or check. Dont you think wide raise to 750-800 would not be good option for villain as default? It's small raise, but its quite nasty for us to do much against it from OOP. Except limp-shove, but then again we would usually raise small versus aggro 3bet villain with our strong holdings.
  • ghaleon


    39:00 JJ: Solid deck read call by villain :)
  • ghaleon


    Last hand: Important point is that CO open shove range is definitely capped there. He is not shoving big pockets or big Ax hands very likely. Or if he does then he lose huge amount of value with premium hands. So 77 call does become bit better. Still probably somewhat close.
  • WilliamSC


    Good video as always!
  • belgianbeer


    In the last hand my 1st tought would be to say over-call w/ 77 isn't good. But actually even if I tought that the CO may have a capped range here and w/ an effectif stack of ~20bb (against BB), he must keep tight. We only need 29,5% equity against the both of them (invest 3773 for 12769).
    So even if wouldn't give to the CO a wider range than : TT-22,AQs-A7s,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,98s,AQo-ATo,KJo+
    And the 1st caller something like
    66+,A8s+,KQs,ATo+. Indeed, I think that even w/ 10bb, in the button you must keep quiet tight here and prefer 1st-in spots rather than call too looze.

    Against those ranges, if you need 29.5% equity it means you can call a range like :
    77+,AJs+,KJs+,AQo+ where 77 has ~31%
  • JOYS3R


    77:I thought the opposite,than belgianbeer.
    It seemed like an easy call first.Like they must have something like JTs,then the other caller like A9o.
    But after thinking about their ranges,its clear for me, that they dont have as loose range as i thought, so the call with 77 is around breakeven imho.
    Probably we can use our edge in the future hands and fold this one.

    With 88 it's a clear call though.